Valley Voices
Brewer: West Coast anarchy could happen in Arizona if we don’t stand against it

The insanity we’re seeing in the Pacific Northwest would have free reign to spread to the rest of the country under a prospective Biden administration.

Independent Newsmedia launches collaborative commenting platform at

Rhoden: A letter to my kids regarding #BlackLivesMatter


Brannstetter: Virus protocols seem backward at Sun City pools

I have noticed that at the Bell Center in the water walking area, people are wearing their masks and adhering to social distancing.

Sun City Posse remains unwavering in service, support

The multitude of tests we have faced as individuals, as a state and as a nation seem almost crushing in the face of COVID-19. But there is, within each of us, an inner helix of hope that the future will resemble our pre-pandemic past.

Atwood: Peace disturbed in Sun City

It appears that the peace and tranquility is being disrupted in Sun City.

Broyles: Laws on dogs have been around a while in Sun City

This pertains to dog owners picking up their dog waste.

Hug: Knights thank agencies for assistance

We wish to thank the generosity of the residents in the Sun City West and surrounding areas for helping to make our “Leave No Neighbor Behind Food Drive” a great success.

Siburg: Answer own questions about Sun City refunds with thought

The dreary arguments about refund of rec center fees go on and on.

O'Malley: Importance of knowing safe surroundings

Do you know a safe person when you see one? Do you know the signs of an unsafe person?

Nelson: RCSC officials should have common sense in Sun City

The Recreation Clubs of Sun City officials need, in my opinion, to use some common sense in closures of their facilities due to COVID-19.

Lim-Yeung: Why not run for rec board to get refund?

I’ve read many letters about Recreation Centers of Sun City not giving refunds.

Collins: There is value in our Sun City trees

Has anyone studied the value of trees and our health?