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We went down to the intersection that is in question (“Looking for ‘cat tracks,’” Sun City Independent, Nov. 23, 2022) and wonder what happened.
I started writing this piece by thinking about how and what happened in Sun City in the beginning and just how do we have a most unusual community to enjoy today.
Life marches on and in the blink of an eye I just reached my eighth decade.
Tiny bubbles. No, I am not referring to the Don Ho hit song, “Tiny Bubbles.”
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I attended the Recreation Centers of Sun City annual member meeting Nov. 1.
The Recreation Centers of Sun City board has probably passed the revised bylaws by the time this is published, as well as the 2023 budget.
When you purchased your Sun City home, you should have received a set of covenants, conditions and restrictions at closing.
Are you planning on Deep Frying your Turkey? Here’s how to avoid fires and other mishaps.
Thank you, Lynn Lybolt, for your letter (“Posse not security agency,” Sun City Independent, Nov. 2, 2022) regarding the rift between the Sun City Posse and the Recreation Centers of Sun City board.
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Your Community Your Voice

Svendsen: Little has changed in a year’s time in Sun City

After watching the entirety of the Nov. 1 annual meeting, I express disappointment and frustration at the “movement” our bored (not a typo; I call the majority members that on purpose) has made.

Lebsack: Facility is too expensive, not needed in Sun City

After several years of short-term rental, my wife and I purchased a winter residence south of Grand Avenue in Sun City in 2015.

Arend: Board shut down member comments in Sun City

I was at the Recreation Centers of Sun City Board of Directors meeting Oct. 27.

Depasquale: Control is needed at Sun Bowl in Sun City

So what’s going on with our concerts not getting traffic control at the Sun Bowl?

Kaiser: Golf course patrols should not be issue in Sun City

I must admit I am confused by the issue of golf course patrols (“Posse, RCSC butting heads,” Sun City Independent, Oct. 19, 2022).

Sherman: Resident urges vote for Collins in Sun City

Our community members of Recreation Centers of Sun City have steadily lost membership privileges, including our voices by voting on governance changes over the last 2-3 years.

Wendel: Reader endorses 3 candidates in Sun City rec board election

There are seven candidates running for three open Recreation Centers of Sun City board seats. Early Voting started Nov. 7. Election day is Tuesday Dec. 13.

Duter: Volunteers are cornerstone of agency in Sun City

I often extoll praise on the Sun City Meals on Wheels volunteers. But today, I want to highlight a good news story that involves a very dedicated volunteer team.

Marone: Sun City revised bylaws not right yet

First of all, I would like to thank most of the members of the ad hoc committee for all their time and effort, and I’ll get back to that a little later.

Totten: Important dates coming up in Sun City

Some important dates to remember are fast approaching.

Tracy: Directors try to force amendment in Sun City

Coercion at Recreation Centers of Sun City Board of Directors Oct. 27 meeting? You be the judge!

Recreation Centers of Sun City bylaw draft is flawed, needs work

First of all, I would like to thank most of the members of the ad hoc committee for all their time and effort, and I’ll get back to that a little later.
three teenagers sitting on chairs in a church with a priest

Seeburger: Pastor gets it right on expectations in Sun City

Pastor Tom Tripp has a great article on expectations.

Kvaran: Young people help Sun City reader in distress

Recently my knees decided to stop functioning, leaving me floundering with a few things that I had to do.

Provateare: Winter visitors should keep yards clean in Sun City

I notice some winter visitors neglect their yards when they are away for the season.

Lehrer: Being thankful, expressing gratitude

As we turn another page on the calendar, we enter this upcoming holiday season with gratitude and appreciation.
Sun City Posse veterans include Denis Aseltine, Butch Kurth, Richard Nonini, Bob Cable, Ron Pease, John McGraw, Rocki Fimmel and Randy Roberts.

Graettinger: Sun City Posse includes members with military service

War has helped to define this nation from the Revolutionary War, also known as the War of Independence in 1775, to our most recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Wolf: Law enforcement gets praise from resident

A letter of appreciation to Maricopa County police for responding to the dangerous crime in Sun City.

Fuller: Sun City Posse ends involvement in events

The Sun City Posse has, for nearly 50 years, provided an additional layer of safety for our community.

Heiman: Addresses hard to find in Sun City

I have been helping out with deliveries in our community.

Pearson: Sun City rec board candidate withdraws, give thanks

Thank you to the 150 Recreation Centers of Sun City members who signed my petition to run for the board.

Kriwer: AFMA boards support Proposition 310

A formal resolution of the Governing Boards of the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority, North County Fire & Medical District and the South County Fire & Medical District declares support for Ballot Proposition 310, which authorizes the sales tax of one-10th of one cent that will benefit fire districts across Arizona.

Karrow: Problems existed before Walczak left the Sun City COA

Jerry Walezak (“COA ignores Southwest drought issues,” Sun City Independent, Sept. 28, 2022), that was the problem while you were at the SCCOA.

Lusvardi: Letter about water full of cliches

I am responding to D. Lilia’s letter to the editor (“Stop beating up Sun City golf courses,” Sun City Independent, Sept. 14, 2022) advocating for a “ban on the agricultural usage of water to grow crops that are totally unsuitable for the Sonoran Desert…and stop beating up on golf courses and Sun City homeowners.”

Eisert: Fire district tax is ‘for the people’ in Sun City

The Legislators elected by the people, for the people, representing the voters of the Sun Cities and Youngtown, are currently Rick Gray, David Livingston, Kevin Payne, Beverly Pingerelli, Ben Toma, and Frank Carroll.

Mitchell: Lot of wasted water in Sun City West

I’m sure a lot of people have noticed an excessive amount of water running off from various properties in Sun City West into the gutters.

Arend: Reader hopes members speak up on bylaws in Sun City

The Recreation Centers of Sun City Board of Directors sent an email to the membership about the proposed bylaw revisions.

Oakmont gets no respect, action in Sun City

For the last two years residents of Oakmont Drive in Sun City have been complaining to the Sun City Home Owners Association about disturbing goings on at at residence on that street.
Recreation Centers of Sun City board members, from left, Kat Fimmel, Karen McAdam, Darla Akins and Dale Lehrer.

McDade: Sun City is quite dysfunctional

Who knew Sun City was so dysfunctional?

Food stamps available for seniors in Sun City

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”
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