Opinions with Civility

Brandser: Will it be illegal to use phone GPS?

Regarding the guest commentary (“Ditsch portable devices while driving, it’s the law,” Sun City Independent, Dec. 30, 2020), my phone has GPS, which I use for driving directions.
Sun City Posse Board of Governors members are sworn in for the 2021 year.

Graettinger: Sun City Posse ready for new challenges ahead

The Sun City Posse last year faced new and unrelenting challenges that might have crippled any other community organization, but in the case of the Posse it made us a hardy and resolute group.

Zierdt: Another resident unhappy with driveway music in Sun City

Thank you, Barry Spinka (“Resident not happy to hear driveway music,” Sun City Independent, Dec. 23, 2020), for finally mentioning the recent noise level. I thought I was the only one who has been upset by the disruptive loud noise.

Word: Music gives so many gifts to all in Sun City

Mr. Barry Spinka (“Resident not happy to hear driveway music,” Sun City Independent, Dec. 23, 2020), you really are the Grinch of Sun City.

Gnotta: Sun Citians complain? Are You kidding?

Referring to the letter (“Concentrate on Sun City problems,” Sun City Independent, Dec. 23, 2020) complaining about the “irritating overhead noise of aircraft from Luke, the constant sound of horns and whistles from trains, the dangerous coyotes, etc., etc., etc.,” may I point out that the aircraft from Luke Air Force Base, the railroad trains and all those coyotes were here long before you.

Ezratty: Another open enrollment for Medicare

Question: I know there was a cost of living expense increase but I barely got an increase in my Social Security check. What happened?

Broyles: Speak with those doing Sun City driveway concerts first

After reading the opinion of Mr. Spinka (“Resident not happy to hear driveway music,” Sun City Independent, Dec. 23, 2020), I’d call him a Scrooge, but that would be giving the Scrooge a worse image.

Duncan: Reduced cost dental care available for Sun City residents

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”

Much-Megee: Street racers not limited to Sun City

We read with interest your recent article (“Street racers invading Sun City,” Sun City Independent, Nov. 25, 2020).

Wismer: Ditch portable devices while driving

Beginning Jan. 1, the use of portable communication devices while driving will become a violation of civil traffic statutes for which law enforcement officers may issue a citation.

O'Malley: ‘Tis the season for forgiveness

Forgiveness does not mean you allow others to take advantage of you again. Forgiveness does not mean you allow them to abuse or hurt you in anyway.

Hayes: Treatment center not compatible for Sun City

I have been aware of a facility in Sun City. It is emerald Isle. It is located on the northwest corner of Peoria and 107th avenues (“Treatment center draws ire,” Sun City Independent, Sept. 23, 2020).

McDade: Concentrate on Sun City problems

I’ve lived in Sun City 15 years. I read the Independent religiously.

Sjoberg: Valley View deserves press coverage in Sun City

I have noticed several articles on St Mary’s Food Bank and other prominent food programs

Palumbo: Tales of 2 Sun City COVID-19 survivors

During this pandemic and time of crisis, I wanted to relate a small tale of the experiences of my wife, Anna, and I as newly transplanted Sun City residents.

Spinka: Resident not happy to hear Sun City driveway music

I saw in the latest Independent an article about a driveway concert.
Photo by Arianna Grainey

Independent Newsmedia continues collaborative commenting platform at yourvalley.net

The idea of maintaining civil discourse when debating public issues of the day is more than lip-service at Independent Newsmedia. At Yourvalley.net, which is powered by the work of local …

Graettinger: Sun City Posse appreciates toy drive support

“Thank you, Sun City, for making our ‘Mission of Joy’ toy drive for the children of Aguila such a huge success,” Rich Nonini, Sun City Posse commander, said.

Court: Payment tied to use of rec centers in Sun City

I agree with David Sinclair’s letter (“Attention turns to local election,” Sun City Independent, Dec. 2, 2020).

Willett: Making new memories during pandemic in Sun City

“Hushed and serene,” I think, as I look out the floor-to-ceiling windows of our little two bedroom home tucked in this retirement community in the Valley of the Sun.
A group of Northwest Valley Connect volunteers.

Chandler: Residents invited to join NVC team

We are a leadership team of volunteers coming together each week to build on the essence of what Northwest Valley Connect is all about.

Farris: The best Christmas gift ever

“You’re doing what?” I asked. “I’m giving you and your three sisters wills for Christmas,” replied Dad.

Duncan: Spouses can collect Social Security benefits in Sun City

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”

Esposito: Resident gives thanks to mail clerks in Sun City

I want to give kudos and thanks to the postal clerks at the Sun City main post office, and Mary, Vangie and Jennifer in particular.

Peters: Pedestrians have little protection in Sun City

Thank you for your article (“Street racers invade Sun City,” Sun City Independent, Nov. 25, 2020) regarding street racers.

Crowell: SCHOA should clamp down on CC&Rs in Sun City

We moved to Sun City to get away from noisy cars, children running in the streets and noisy backyards.

Ezratty: Rebate on Medicare premium available, but be cautious

Question: I continue to get many calls asking about how they can get a monthly $144 giveback for Medicare on their Social Security check, as advertised on TV.

Sinclair: Attention turns to local election in Sun City

Now that our ballots have been cast in the more highly publicized elections, it’s time to turn our attention to the local one for five seats on the Recreation Centers of Sun City Board of Directors.

Wheat: Open Sun City centers, let people make choices

Let’s open the rec centers and let those that want to come do so and let others that are concerned about the virus stay away.

Farnard: Resident appreciates rock painting in Sun City

Positive news! Thank you to the artists who painted the rocks on Sunland Drive at the intersection of Agua Fria Drive.

Medicare drug program seems confusing

I have received many calls regarding Medicare Part D for prescription drugs.

McCarty: Resident urges others to clean yards in Sun City

I just want to ask homeowners of our retirement communities that before the weather really cools off, please use the time wisely to clean up your front yards, get rid of dead and tired decades old foliage.

Sun City -- The community that changed a nation

Most people know Sun City and Sun City West as great places to live. Originally catering to retirees, these days seniors still working are as much the norm as not.

Warner: Resident has yard sale sign stolen in Sun City

I had to write in about someone who stole my garage sale sign from Del Webb Boulevard and White Mountain Road before noon on Thursday, Nov. 12.
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Andrew H Walker/Shutterstock (10976146e).Signs supporting Vice President Joe Biden and Trump are posted side by side in the battleground state of Pennsylvania..US Presidential Election early voting, Allentown, PA, USA - 26 Oct 2020

Faules: Sign thefts in Sun City not limited to Trump

I read Mike Conley’s opinion letter (“Things going down hill in Sun City,” Sun City Independent, Nov. 4, 2020).

Graettinger: Sun City Posse needs help with giving program

The Sun City Posse needs your help in its annual “Mission of Joy” giving program for some really deserving students.

Kepler: Golf cars stolen with regularity in Sun City

The letter about Paul Peloquin’s golf car being stolen (“Statements about signs not logical,” Sun City Independent, Oct. 28, 2020) happens with regularity in Sun City.
new van will help Northwest Valley Connect assist residents with transportation.

Northwest Valley Connect serves needs of community

Across the country and our communities, people are isolated because of social distancing, a COVID-19 health and safety practice to prevent contracting the virus.

Cowdrey: Agave, yucca not in cactus family

The agave and yucca are not cactus (“Fallen cacti in Sun Cities leaves residents concerned,” Sun City Independent, Oct. 14, 2020); they are from the asparagaceae family, which include the lily family and also onions, leeks and garlic.
Jim Mathewson

Mathewson: I cheated at "Jeopardy" and it still makes me laugh

The recent passing of "Jeopardy" host Alex Trebec has sparked a flood of tributes for him and the game show itself.  Former contestants and celebrities who've competed there have shared numerous …

Ezratty: Medicare open enrollment marches on

Question: I will turn 65 in February. Because of COVID-19, I can’t seem to find anyone in person at the community centers. Any suggestions?

Schroeder: Another RCSC year comes to a close in Sun City

As we turn another page on the calendar and enter into a new year soon, the Recreation Centers of Sun City Board of Directors is winding up business for this most unusual year as well.

Turner: More than 5 people complained in Sun City

Just read the story (“RCSC announces candidates for 2020 election,” Sun City Independent, Oct. 14, 2020) about the Recreation Centers of Sun City board election with seven people in the running for five seats.

Conley: Things going down hill in Sun City

We bought a home in Sun City in 2013. It was a nice and peaceful community.

Ezratty: Medicare questions answered for enrollment

Question: I’m getting advertisements indicating this is the time to evaluate Medicare’s Part D drug coverage. How do I do this?

Kepler: Republicans don’t want responsibility in Sun City

Tom Scott’s letter (“Only one side to blame,” Sun City Independent, Oct. 14, 2020) takes a page right out of the Trump handbook.

Ezratty: SHIP counselor provides Medicare answers for Sun City residents

Question: What exactly does Medicare parts A, B, C and D cover?

Duncan: There are all kinds of tax credits for Sun City residents

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living."

Marone: Bylaw vote doesn’t work that way in Sun City

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Recreation Centers of Sun City clubs.

Peloquin: Behavior getting worse in Sun City

Hi, I read your article about crime in sun cities.

Nessler: Statements about Sun City signs not logical

Weekly I read the Letters to the Editor to see what our neighbors in Sun City are thinking.

Alexander: There will be voting site in Sun City

A vote center in Sun City will be open at the Mountain View Center, 9749 N. 107th Ave., Oct. 28-Nov. 3, except we’re closed on Sunday, Nov. 1.

Kellman: Biden sign thefts not reported in Sun City

It has come to my attention that your newspaper is biased on the reporting of political signs.

Ezratty: SHIP counselor gives Medicare answers for Sun Cities residents

Question One: Mrs. G was in tears a few weeks ago when she called me saying, “I hope you can help me.” Mrs. G has a Medigap plan and has been pleased with it for years.

Copeland: No polling places in Sun City?

I was surprised to learn there is not a single place in Sun City where I can vote on Nov. 3.

Schroeder: Voting in RCSC election: A new normal?

Just like everything else in 2020, this year’s Recreation Centers of Sun City election is proving to be just one more anomaly in this year of “new” normals.

Andrews: Resident says welcome to new center in Sun City

A hearty welcome to the new behavioral treatment center in Sun City.

Trice: Strive to make things better for all in Sun City

The familiar joke, “Why did the chicken cross the road?,” has been around for many years. It really wasn’t meant to be funny, but it did provide the answer, “To get to the other side.”

Service is key for Sun City Posse

It’s all about Service. We, the Sun City Posse, just kicked off our 2020-21 fundraising drive and we need your support.

Carlson: Nasty election actions not appreciated in Sun City

The Sun City Independent in their last issue had a story (“Nasty politics come to Sun Cities,” Sun City Independent, Oct. 14, 2020) that talked about what’s going on in the community related to the election campaign.

Ezratty: Medicare questions and answers for the Sun Cities

Question: I hear people talking about Medicare Open Enrollment. I am over 65 and enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan. Do I have to re-enroll for 2021?

Brewer: Arizona seniors deserve a future of economic security

Arizona seniors deserve to enjoy a future of economic security and prosperity for many years to come — and it’s imperative that we elect political leaders who have what it takes to build …

Dumais: Motorized boats are a nuisance in Sun City

This is regarding the board’s motion to allow boats to be launched at the dock and ramp, as stated in the board motion: “Third Reading Motion No. 3 by Vice President Lehrer - I move to amend Board Policy 10, Boating Section, No. 5 so that model boat users can safely put their boats in and out of the water at Viewpoint Lake as follows: 5. Model boat use (electric or wind-powered) allowed by RCSC Cardholders who assume responsibility for keeping model boats clear of watercraft and those fishing. No model boat use at or near boat dock or boat launch.”

Scott: Only one side to blame for Sun City nasty politics

Having just read “Nasty politics…” in my latest Independent, it has become quite clear why there is so much uncivil and hateful behavior.

Ladera: Sign stealing breaks state laws

On Friday, Oct. 2, while waiting to make a left turn off of Brookside onto Del Webb, I witnessed a guy on his golf car park at the center divider, get out and grab the Biden-Harris sign that was there - he started to rip it up but decided to drive away with it. By the time I got my phone out to take a picture of him taking the sign he had already driven by me.

Brown: Sun City pool users need to stay in their lanes

Sun City is the best place to live and the RCSC staff are terrific.

Reineck: Sun City renters not represented in discussion

The residents have written concerning the recreation cards, but no one has mentioned the rental cards.

Shall: Reader had yard items stolen in Sun City

Some time between 9 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. Sept. 19-20 a person or persons stopped by and stole four solar lights out of my front yard.

Wieland: No legal obligation for refunds in Sun City

This is response to the numerous letters on the topic refunds of property assessments due to facility closures in Sun City.

Van Roekel: Bicyclists must follow rules of the road in Sun City

Due to the closure of the Sun City recreation centers I have been riding my bike for exercise.

Duncan: Residents could get free Medicare

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”

Castro: Residents not happy about new facility in Sun City

It has come into light that there is a drug rehab and halfway house now right in the center of Sun City, a senior Community.

Andrews: Not so crazy to want fee refund in Sun City

There were two opinion articles written regarding the Recreation Centers of Sun City (“RCSC involved in unfair tactics” and “Resident gives answers to letter writers,” Sun City Independent, Sept. 16, 2020).

Schroeder: Looking toward the RCSC future in Sun City

Let’s take a moment and think about all we have that’s good and look ahead to when everything gets back to normal.

Amenson: Resident gives answers to letter writers in Sun City

At times I feel the Letters To The Editor must be written by residents who do nothing all day.

O'Brien-Lawrence: Merchants, masks, money madness in Sun City

I am doing my very best to support local businesses so they may exist. It is a shame that a few don’t care whether we do or not.

Amato: Sun City ladies were very helpful

Last week, while driving my golf on Boswell Boulevard and Pleasant Valley Road, my back tire went flat.

Walczak: COA officials give thanks to members in Sun City

A short note to our members: The Condo Owners Association of Sun City would like to take this time to let you know that we appreciate you and to thank you for your support throughout the years.

Roussin: RCSC involved in unfair tactics in Sun City

I would like to know why some people get use of clubs and others don’t.

Thompson: A discussion about mail voting

This year’s general election Nov. 3 has become a bit complicated due to the viral pandemic and changes in the United States Postal Service, as well as to the usual efforts of the political parties to sway your vote.

Hunter: There is a ‘new normal’ at SCHOA in Sun City

What a year we have all experienced! Lockdowns, isolation, masks, restricted travel and activities, sensational news almost every day, the frustration of not seeing friends or being able to be close to those you are close to.

Sevier: U.S. Mail is best system in world

As a Sun City resident I want to share my opinion about our postal service.

Griswold: Follow law regarding pet cleanup in Sun City

This is a response regarding Ms. Carolyn Collins’ concerns about requirements for picking up “dog debris.” (“There is value in our trees,” Sun City Independent, Aug. 26, 2020)

Brannstetter: Virus protocols seem backward at Sun City pools

I have noticed that at the Bell Center in the water walking area, people are wearing their masks and adhering to social distancing.

Sun City Posse remains unwavering in service, support

The multitude of tests we have faced as individuals, as a state and as a nation seem almost crushing in the face of COVID-19. But there is, within each of us, an inner helix of hope that the future will resemble our pre-pandemic past.

Atwood: Peace disturbed in Sun City

It appears that the peace and tranquility is being disrupted in Sun City.

Broyles: Laws on dogs have been around a while in Sun City

This pertains to dog owners picking up their dog waste.

Hug: Knights thank agencies for assistance

We wish to thank the generosity of the residents in the Sun City West and surrounding areas for helping to make our “Leave No Neighbor Behind Food Drive” a great success.

Siburg: Answer own questions about Sun City refunds with thought

The dreary arguments about refund of rec center fees go on and on.

O'Malley: Importance of knowing safe surroundings

Do you know a safe person when you see one? Do you know the signs of an unsafe person?

Nelson: RCSC officials should have common sense in Sun City

The Recreation Clubs of Sun City officials need, in my opinion, to use some common sense in closures of their facilities due to COVID-19.

Lim-Yeung: Why not run for rec board to get refund?

I’ve read many letters about Recreation Centers of Sun City not giving refunds.

Collins: There is value in our Sun City trees

Has anyone studied the value of trees and our health?

Sparling: Would miss palms if they were removed in Sun City

In the July 22 edition of the Sun City Independent, the editors were kind enough to print an opinion letter from me (“Remove tall palm trees in Sun City”) where in I suggested that it might be time to consider removing the extremely tall palm trees in Sun City.

Duncan: Water check available for condo residents in Sun City

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”

Brandt: RCSC should reduce fees this year in Sun City

I moved here in April when almost one-third of the year was already gone, but had to pay the entire $496.

Crawford: Woman in distress gets help at Fry’s in Sun City

I wanted to send thanks to the unknown woman at Fry’s on Grand Avenue on Friday, Aug. 7.

Blechl: Hoping for better days, open book store in Sun City

Happy August, my friends! It’s hard to find the right words to describe 2020, but dysfunctional, scary, stressful and lonely might work, with a bit of hope.

Ladera: Show you care, check on resident with Sun City flag

This is in response to a letter (“U.S. banner should not be upside down,” Sun City Independent, Aug. 5, 2020) by Carole Meyers.

Schroeder: This, too, will pass — I promise

While the thermometer seems to be stuck at the moment somewhere around 110 degrees most days, it is not the first summer I have experienced here in Sun City with record breaking temperatures and non-existent monsoon storms that would normally provide at least momentary relief.
Pigeon waste litters a Sun City rooftop.

Shaw: Pigeons cause problems for Sun City resident

I am experiencing a major and costly infestation of disease spreading pigeons due to the inconsiderate behavior of a neighbor who insists on feeding these wild animals.

Farnand: Pet owners should clean up debris in Sun City

Pet owners, please pick up after your pet.

Thomas: Resident warns about RCSC policy in Sun City

Warning to widows and widowers in Sun City.

Huss: Sun City moped rider needs to pick different time

To the person who likes to ride his moped up and down 103rd Avenue I would appreciate it if you didn’t do it at 2 a.m. in the morning.

Sun City Posse experiences change, not all bad

It has been a taxing few months as this country has battled the deadly coronavirus. The challenges to the mental and physical health of our senior citizens and the attack on our economy have left us spinning.
Michelle Lind

Lind: Implementation of tenant/landlord assistance programs is critical

Arizona businesses continue to be affected by the economic impact of COVID-19. Particularly hard-hit are those individuals whose business is the ownership and management of rental homes throughout …
Ed McClelland

McClelland: When it comes to mental health, race matters

As a Black man who has worked in the community behavioral health industry for more than 30 years, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen the struggles that individuals and family members go …
Sun City residents working out at Marinette Center, 9860 W. Union Hills Drive, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Asendorf: Did Ducey order apply to nonprofits?

When Gov. Doug Ducey ordered gyms to close because of COVID-19, was he not targeting public, for profit, facilities?

Meyers: U.S. banner should not be upside down

There is a house on Bowling Green Avenue in Sun City that displays an upside down American flag.

Santaguida: Sun City resident agrees with letter about fees

Don Thompson’s letter (“Should fees be refunded, reduced,” Sun City Independent, July 22, 2020) was a thoughtful analysis of the rebate issue.

Loken: Walking not allowed at fairway in Sun City

Could someone please tell me why I am not allowed to walk in the halls at the Fairway Center, but can walk in the halls and the auditorium at the Sundial.

Evans: Sun City CC&R changes do not seem practical

Mr Wilson, reading your comments in the article (“CHOA keeps busy with CC&Rs,” Sun City Independent, July 22, 2020) regarding the proposed CCR changes is quite upsetting.
Peoria High School students Danielle Kwan and Tatum Champion have raised $870 to provide COVID-19 survival kits for Sun City senior citizens.

Tracy: Youths’ COVID kit outreach effort virtuous

I appreciated your good news story on the young ladies from Peoria High School and their outreach to Sun City residents.

Depasquale: RCSC officials change rules for play in Sun City

In response to the letter (“Don’t take anger out on golfers,” Sun City Independent, July 22, 2020) about the golfers and their procedures while golfing, the recreation centers officials are making sure players are following safe playing procedures.

Seideman: Case rates are not best COVID stats

This is from a long-term, all year Sun City resident.

Andrews: Resident not in agreement about Sun City palms

I Read with dismay Roy Sparling’s letter to the editor (“Remove tall palm trees in Sun City,” Sun City Independent, July 22, 2020).

Manos: Babies in womb are important

Why can’t we love the babies in the womb?

Collins: Support your local law enforcement in Sun City

I would think that nearly 200 people standing along Bell Road and 98th Avenue would draw the attention to the West Valley newspapers.
Dr. Kristen Bishop

Bishop: Our bodies are designed to fight off viruses – and they do it every day

Valley residents are continuing to work through the slight declining trend of COVID-19, many are still concerned about the safety of themselves and their families.

Duncan: Sun City CAN helps with APS bills

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”

Sorensen: Writer paints protesters with broad brush

Responding to Mr. Vander Mate’s latter (“Gathering had only one side of issue,” Sun City Independent, July 1, 2020) as published, I can’t help but think he does not fully grasp the word ridicule.
Shannon Clancy

Clancy: Who is on the front line for families facing homelessness?

Temporary grace and an extension of Arizona’s eviction moratorium to Oct. 31 means we have more time to do our literal “home” work, but there’s no free pass or less pressure …

Spinka: Sun City resident claims flu numbers are worse

According to your numbers in the July 15 Independent, the number of deaths is around 1,927.

Brewer: West Coast anarchy could happen in Arizona if we don’t stand against it

The insanity we’re seeing in the Pacific Northwest would have free reign to spread to the rest of the country under a prospective Biden administration.

Schoen: Writer was wrong about golfers in Sun City

This is regarding my letter a few weeks ago (“Pools open but fitness not is silly,” Sun City Independent, July 8, 2020) about closing down the Fairway fitness center.

Thompson: Should RCSC fees be refunded, reduced in Sun City?

While discussion of the RCSC annual fees controversy appears to have died down, the continued antipandemic measures prompt me to offer my input.

Sparling: Remove tall palm trees in Sun City

It might be a good time to consider removing the extremely tall palm trees in Sun City.

Kleving: Still a need to support law enforcement in Sun City

On the Fourth of July, probably close to 200 stood on Bell Road east of 98th Avenue in support of law enforcement with signs and flags.

Miller: Don’t take anger out on golfers in Sun City

Geeez people, do your research before making claims about how the virus situation is handled, would you please?

Cohen: Not happy with fitness center closures in Sun City

As an avid user of the Recreation Centers of Sun City Fairway Center fitness area, I was very disappointed when RCSC officials, at the direction of Gov. Doug Ducey, closed down all RCSC fitness centers for the second time.

Scroeder: It has been a very strange year so far in Sun City

2020 has most definitely been a very strange year - and it is far from over.

Howicz: Sun City policy not followed by all users

With the phase one opening of Recreation Centers of Sun City facilities masks are required inside the buildings, with a few exceptions.

Graham: Candidate signs beginning to clutter Sun City streets

The county of Maricopa and the Sun City PRIDES work hard to keep the medians on thoroughfares in Sun City looking beautiful and well kept.

Ford: Sun City reader gets labeled because of face mask

I wish I could say I was surprised by the response to the article on the recent protest you wrote about.

Schoen: Sun City pools open but fitness not is silly

I have lived in Sun City for more than 20 years and have seen Recreation Centers of Sun City officials do some silly things and made some really silly recommendations, but closing the fitness centers but not the pool is the best of them all.

Smerchak: Street cleaners not doing good job in Sun City

My comment is about the street sweepers used to clean Sun City streets.

Depasquale: Resident gives Sun City center workers good reviews

I just wanted to mention that I am giving kudos to the employees at Mountain View Center for enforcing the rules of wearing masks while using facilities.

Vander Mate: Gathering had only one side of issue

Good thing the Independent is a “non-partisan” newspaper, otherwise Lord knows how many pages Ms. Jimenez might have filled with her coverage of the “March for Humanity” put on by the SC/SCW Democrats Clubs.
Seema Verma

Verma: Taking action to protect America’s nursing home residents against COVID-19

Nursing homes have become ground zero in the coronavirus disease 2019 COVID-19 pandemic, with outbreaks causing high rates of illness and death among vulnerable residents living together in close …

Duncan: Free benefits assistance interviews available

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”

Morris: Try wearing mask for 12 hours per day

My stepson came to visit us three years ago, loved Arizona so much he stayed.
Mimi Rogers

Rogers: The crisis of the pandemic on individuals who have intellectual disabilities

COVID-19 poses extreme obstacles for people who have intellectual disabilities and thrive on routine, familiar activities, and people, such as family and friends. So, with everything going …

Eisert: Signs in Sun City do not break the law for campaigns

Ms. Lynn Lamuth’s letter to the editor (“Signs out too early, in wrong places,” Sun City Independent, June 17, 2020) proclaimed political candidate signage has been both put up unlawfully too early and placed improperly.

Lind: Members must have more input to RCSC

Change is both good and bad. We have seen many changes in Sun City. Some good, some bad.

Ward: Reader wants refund due to RCSC closures in Sun City

Why is there no partial refund of our recreation dues since we have not been able to use the recreation facilities (pool, gym, etc.) for the past several months, and perhaps in the future?

Suhumskie: Thank board for doing what is best in Sun City

I would like to than Dan Schroeder and the Recreation Centers of Sun City board for their dedication to do what is best.

COVID-19 will not dampen patriotic spirit

Unless some just can’t stand it and decide to do it on their own, the tones of the replica Liberty Bell in Sun City will be silent this year.

Model: People should be part of the solution in Sun City

I am writing in response to Pat Ibarra’s letter (“There should be some enforcement,” Sun City Independent, June 10, 2020) on the homeless.

Anderson: Money needed to keep centers running well in Sun City

For several weeks I have been reading the comments about receiving a refund on our fees.

Rose: There should be no refunds of RCSC fees in Sun City

I whole heartily agree with Kay Brittingham (“Reader disagrees on refunds,” Sun City Independent, June 10, 2020).
The new greenhouse at the Grand Center will be used by the Sun City Garden Club to augment its community garden at Greenway Road and 91st Avenue.

Schroeder: Welcoming a ‘Grand’ new property

Many of us know the tale of Sun City’s opening day when thousands of cars lined up along Grand Avenue to see the oasis in the desert created by Del Webb back on Jan. 1, 1960. And the rest was history, as they say.

Stock: Rules are clear on assessments in Sun City

I have been reading about people wanting refunds or to pay for only when they are in Sun City. So I was pleased to read Ms. Brittingham’s letter (“Reader disagrees on refunds,” Sun City Independent, June 10, 2020).

Peterson: Letter started well but went to name calling

The letter in last week’s paper from Mr Kepler (“If not happy with community, run for board,” Sun City Independent, June 17, 2020) regarding complainers was well written until he decided to call folks that listen to FOX News “right wing hacks.”

Lamuth: Signs out too early, in wrong places in Sun City

I am appalled at all the political signs around Sun City.

Viker: Happy to have RCSC facilities available in Sun City

My husband and I have been seasonable residents of Sun City for several years.
Dan Shufelt

Shufelt: Never know when you might need a helping hand

When the work van pulled up in front of Arizona Helping Hands, I recognized the company name. I thought my friend Dale was coming to say hi and tour the Arizona Helping Hands facility where we …

Wright: Country could learn from Sun City group

The Sun City Posse is a successful example of community involvement in health and safety that the rest of American could learn from.
Michael Vallante

Vallante: Supporting black-owned small businesses, entrepreneurship

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the unrest that has been taking place in some cities, the impact has been felt in every sector of our economy. There has never been a more challenging time for …

Hewitt: SCHOA did good job with publication

I want to express my thanks to Sun City Home Owners Association for the Sun City Community Resource Guide that was just published and distributed to Sun City residents.

Kepler: If not happy with community, run for board in Sun City

I am going to try and cover letters from the last several weeks.
Tennis players on the renovated Bell Recreation Center courts prior to COVID-19 and the restrictions to only singles play.

Metoxen: Why is tennis limited to single play in Sun City?

Just sitting and wondering if any Recreation Centers of Sun City board members have tried playing singles tennis in 85 degree heat, or worse, for more than 10 minutes.

Howicz: Adherence to guidelines not consistent in Sun City

My first venture into any Recreation Centers of Sun City facility was the board meeting on May 28 at Sundial.
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey during a press conference.

Anderson: Reader finds amusement in articles in Sun City

I find amusement in the three articles of May 27 edition of the Sun City Independent — A field full of holes, Merit of refunds and COVID-19 by the numbers.

Fox: Sun City hospital add has beam fire protection

It has been brought to my attention that an individual (signed Mike Jennings) wrote an opinion article (“Believes no fireproofing on Banner add,” Sun City Independent, May 27, 2020) to your paper regarding the construction at Banner Boswell Medical Center.
David Sheppard (Photo courtesy Just Leadership USA)

Sheppard: What Juneteenth means to me as a black man in America

This Friday, we celebrate Juneteenth --- a holiday that receives little attention but holds special significance for me as a black man in America this year. Juneteenth commemorates June 19, 1865 …

Schafer: RCSC controls rules without resident input

I agree with Wayne J. Braband’s letter to the editor (“Yearly dues should be less for closures,” Sun City Independent, May 20, 2020) where he says the fees should be reduced because the centers were closed.
Jim Rounds

Rounds: Maricopa County supervisors need to approve project, bring 1,100 jobs to Valley

During difficult economic times like these, nothing is more valuable than a good job. As an economist, I routinely advise community and business leaders on how to recruit and create more of these …

Andreason: New garbage can stolen from home in Sun City

I hope the person who stole our brand new garbage can enjoys it as much as we planned too.

Shufelt: Tragedy befalls an amazing foster family

I met Curtis four years ago. He came to Arizona Helping Hands to receive beds, cribs, clothing, diapers, sports equipment and more to help his family. His daughter’s life had been …

Dammeir: Explanation of phases made it clear in Sun City

I would just like to thank the Recreation Centers of Sun City officials for their concise explanation of the future of the rec centers in last week’s paper.

Milliken: Limit to singles not good for seniors in Sun City

When I heard how the people in New York were limiting tennis and pickleball to singles only, I thought that some inane power tripping functionary thought that up with no regard to science or data, and that thank goodness we live in common sense Sun City, Arizona where smarter heads prevail.

Herfurth: Reader agrees with recent letter writers in Sun City

Well said and I could not agree more with Olga Linneborn (“Fees should be lowered with no use,” Sun City Independent, May 20, 2020) and Sue Shive (“Not easy to maintain social distance,” Sun City Independent, May 20, 2020).

Despasquale: Mini golf course not up to par in Sun City

I must say I was a little surprised of the conditions of the mini golf.

Brittingham: Reader disagrees on refunds in Sun City

I disagree with those among us who argue that we should receive refunds since the rec centers have been closed due to a forced shutdown secondary to COVID-19.

Rhoden: A letter to my kids regarding #BlackLivesMatter

I last wrote a public letter to you six years ago in BKNation. During that time, in 2014, we had just moved to the Phoenix area and I was a recently minted PhD. The world at that time seemed in …

Kaleugher: Arguing for ADA restrooms at centers in Sun City

Maybe you think it would be fair for the Sun City rec centers to temporarily lower their monthly fees since the centers are closed.
Dan Shufelt

Shufelt: Putting our helping hands together for the dads

I’ve had the honor to meet some amazing dads in my work at Arizona Helping Hands. Foster dads don’t have nine months to wrap their heads around the responsibilities of parenting. They …

Bein: No place in evolution for God

You have asked for opinions from your readers and we have appreciated viewing what our neighbors have to say.
Brian Humphreys, back row, from fourth from left, and Mychol Alexander, front row left, attended the U.S. Air Force Academy together. A frank conversation between the two after the May 25 death of George Floyd at the hands of police, inspired Mr. Humphreys to speak out against racism.

Guest commentary: ‘I wanted to believe everyone was safe’

Who am I? I am a white American man. I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, a husband, a father of four, a son, a brother and a servant to our nation as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. I …

Hayes: Dangerous walkers response in Sun City

I am always so amazed what bothers people.

Spinka: Reader believes RCSC should refund dues

Dan (Recreation Centers of Sun City board president Dan Schreoder), your comments as to why rec fees shouldn’t be lowered or refunded doesn’t hold water.

DeLong: Reader also wants more positive thoughts

Regarding Coralyn Collins (“Parks & Sons has been there every day,” Sun City Independent, May 20, 2020), I very much agree, Coralyn.

Marone: Take ‘refund’ from stimulus check received

People, people, people. I won’t go into the technical aspects of the annual property assessment fee as they have been thoroughly explained by Board President Dan Schroeder, if you took the time to read the article (“Update on RCSC reopening plans,” Sun City Independent, May 20, 2020).

Marone: Assessments meant for maintenance in Sun City

With all due respect to those who continually write and feel they deserve a reimbursement or portion of their recreation fee back because of the shutdown, please understand that the fee you pay is not a recreation “user fee” but rather a fee to maintain and operate the facilities.
Robin Schaeffer

Schaeffer: Tips on how to return to public life while minimizing health risks

We get it. After a couple months of relative seclusion, you’re probably eager to see friends and extended family, enjoy a favorite meal out of the house, and finally get that haircut …

O'Hara and Pascoe: No Sun City use should mean no fee to be paid

To everyone who is concerned, according to the Recreation Centers of Sun City facilities agreement, Article II, Section A states: “RCSC agrees to operate the recreational facilities for the benefit of homeowners and residents of Sun City, Arizona, who qualify to use them under its Restated Articles of Incorporation, Corporate By Laws, and Board Policies.”

Duncan: Property tax break for disabled persons

Certain disabled persons are eligible for a tax break on the property taxes they pay on their residence.
Mary Lynn Kasunic

Kasunic: Social-distancing can mask elder abuse

In a year with many distractions and stressful events, we must not forget that World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15. Annually, this day highlights the issues of elder abuse and the 10% of …
Sun City in pre-COVID-19 days saw plenty of mass gathering activity. Residents are adjusting to a different reality, even though recreation facilities are slowly opening.

Henrich: There are things to do at home in Sun City

The first week of “sheltering in place” I did nothing except feel sorry for myself.
Jennifer Chau

Chau: Fair funding, representation hinge on an accurate census count

During this pandemic, we’ve seen our communities step up for one another to help flatten the curve. While we continue to practice social distancing, one of the most impactful civic duties that …
Jody Martin

Martin: How to stop the protests

I want to explain how to stop the riots, looting and protests since no one seems to know and no one else is saying it. My son from Nigeria and my Russian/Ukrainian daughter from Ukraine thought it …

Baxley: State law at odds with reality in Sun City

I love Sun City! it is a privilege to be here during this segue from spring to summer.

Gill: Resilience is the face of COVID-19

All can agree that we are in a crisis that is unprecedented.

Dumais: Had plenty of time to be prepared in Sun City

Dear Mr. Schroeder (Recreation Centers of Sun City board president), OK, now we get this email condemning the “few” people who have complained about not being able to use the facilities while the golf courses remain unaffected (literally}.

Collins: Parks & Sons has been there every day in Sun City

Has anyone else noticed that in the months of the COVID-19 scare and shelter in place advice, that Parks & Sons has not missed a garbage pick up day?

Shive: Not easy to maintain social distance in Sun City

This is in response to the letter (“Reader is concerned with pedestrians,” Sun City Independent, May 6, 2020) regarding people walking in the streets.

Linneborn: Fees should be lowered with no use in Sun City

Since we cannot use the rec centers, I believe that our fee should be half price.

Tesar: Pandemic makes it easier to volunteer in Sun City

Before the COVID-19 pandemic I volunteered at a church thrift store and another non-profit thrift store.

Duncan: Sun City residents can still get help with lock boxes

The mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”
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