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Gray: Closing libraries absurd


Thursday evening, March 28, I received an urgent email from the Friends of the Sun City Library discussing that RCSC may be closing the Sun City libraries. I did not sleep well that night!

I am an avid reader and I use the Bell Library at least weekly. When I am in the area of 107th Avenue and Peoria Avenue, I even pop into the Fairway Library to see what’s on the new bookshelves. It is inconceivable to me that anyone would want to close our libraries.

Seniors read a lot of actual paper books. There is nothing like sitting and reading an actual book and turning the paper pages. Sun City residents attend the wonderful programs that the libraries have, use the computers, donate, and buy books from the Friends of the Sun City Libraries store at Bell Center. They take out and donate jigsaw puzzles. I could go on and on with the library services offered.

The Librarians are wonderful at assisting seniors who are not computer savvy with learning computer skills. I am not sure what the general manager and the board are thinking about, but this is an absurd idea.