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Hoagland: SCHOA needs your support


Back in the day, many years ago, together with my wife, I became a homeowner. That day was so exciting we were both almost vibrating. It was our first house, but not our last. Between then and now there have been five homes claiming me as homeowner.

Owning a home is like having a child. So Exciting. So full of wonder and opportunity. So full of responsibility. Prior to buying that first property, we lived in an apartment, which is a lot like having a condo without any principle - just expenses. I would bet that the vast majority of Sun City residents/property owners have a similar story.

Skipping forward to the present, I am proudly a homeowner here in Sun City. The predominant reason we all live here is the community we enjoy that makes Sun City almost a full-time vacation destination. Even though we are all different, we have several things in common including we chose to live in a 55 plus community allowing us to live life with people similar to ourselves; we chose a community that has so, so many things to offer a senior that can’t be found anywhere else; and also Sun City is beautiful. Homes and properties are owned and maintained in an attractive manner for which all who live here should be proud.

Moving to Sun City provided a super opportunity to meet and associate with many other like-minded people. Cultivating these relationships, making new friends and gathering with neighbors, is fulfilling for lots and lots of Sun City citizens. These relationships/associations are a main reason for spending a portion of our lives here.

For all you CPA’s out there, HOA is not a four-letter word. We’ve all read or are aware of stories highlighting bad things about HOAs. And, I’m sure some of them are true (even if out of context). But like everything else in the news or about HOAs, we only hear about the bad stuff. I submit that Sun City is a great place to live and in which to spend a portion of our lives. The search we made for the best place to retire is the common purpose that brought us all here. 

I am proud to be associated with the people of Sun City. I am proud to be known as a member of our home owners association, of which I was a board member.

Together we live and continue to thrive in a beautiful community while pulling together to incorporate the many changes and deal with issues we face. A remarkable thing is that, unlike many places, we rise together in great numbers when needed to resolve concerns. A couple examples might be the future of the county libraries in Sun City and underage residency. When the alarm went out people rose up to be counted. Super refreshing considering the apathy we all have seen so often.

The associating of all Sun City people is the key to the over 50 years Sun City has grown, improved and continues to keep up with the times. We all have like goals and needs. Let’s move together to keep Sun City the outstanding community to live in that attracted us and our friends and neighbors to live here. 

Our official association, Sun City Home Owners Association, was created soon after Sun City started growing. Its purpose, although defined as supporting the CC&R’s, was/is to provide leadership and assistance in keeping Sun City the premier living destination it was designed and built to be. Your friends and neighbors count on our HOA to assist all of us in making Sun City the finest place it can be for all of us.

I shudder to think what Sun City would be without SCHOA. It needs your support. Membership is not mandatory. Living in Sun City isn’t either. Please, join with the several thousand of your like-minded friends and neighbors and show your support.

We’re all in this together.