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Kepler: Research TV news


We all know there is one political party who constantly attacks network news as fake.

Let me give you a perfect example of network TV fake news. The other evening we were having a burger at a local establishment. On the TV was the FOX channel with the repeated headlines dangerous to blue cities, with plenty of examples of people being attacked by crooks and thugs. I’m not going to even attempt to tell you blue cities are safe and red cities are not. That would make me as guilty as the Fox news program.

What I will attempt to do is inform you of real facts taken from the FBI stats. To be honest, when you look up the top 10 most dangerous cities in America and then look up the top 15 most dangerous cities in America the same cities seem to appear, but they will appear in different orders.Let’s look at 2024 stats of most dangerous cites. What I want noticed is many of these most dangerous cities are in red states. They are Detriot, Memphis, Little Rock, Baltimore, St. Louis, Mo.; Kansas City, Cleveland, Albuquerque, Milwaukee and Stockton, Calif. Other cities noted as dangerous include Anchorage, Bakersfield, Oakland, Calif.; and Corpus Christi. Stats based on homicide and sssault crimes per population.

My point is Fox News is deliberately lying to you, hoping to influence your thoughts and voting choices. Many cities in America are dangerous to be in, especially certain neighborhoods or certain times of the day. Not just blue cities and not just red cities.

If you ever wondered why many of us speak so poorly of Fox News it’s because even Fox News in court has said its stats are to be treated with suspicion and are often just opinions. Please do yourself a favor, if you watch this station, which we know many of you do, fact check what is being presented to you, look things up yourself and be an educated citizen.