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Rosenbaum: UHGC owner not following through


I was pleasantly surprised and intrigued reading the article with regards to the plans of the Union Hills property. As a resident living on the course, we are beyond disappointed in the condition of the property and surprised that the community has been silent with regards to protesting the lack of care the course receives.

What was most interesting about the article were the comments by the owner of Swing First mentioning that he had spoken with residents who live on the course, was planning to put up a temporary fence by the end of May to reduce the public exposure to the unsightly condition of the parking lot and clubhouse and his plan to speak to all of the homeowners on or by June 17 to discuss future plans.

First, as of today, June 3, no temporary fence has been erected and nobody associated with the golf course has heard anything about it. This may actually be a good thing when you consider how unsightly a temporary fence would be, and with no promise of when they would do the work to improve the property, we won’t be stuck looking at what amounts to a construction fence for an indefinite amount of time.

Second, neither we nor any of our neighbors have been contacted by anyone associated with the Swing First and none of us are aware of anyone who has.

Third, the owner’s mentioning of the improvements to the condition of the course are not consistent with what we are experiencing. The rough areas adjacent to our homes are turning to dust as they have literally not been watered in over a year. This is particularly aggravating because of the dust we are exposed to, and I can’t believe the restrictions on the course don’t mandate they maintain the property up to our back property lines. In fact, last year the trees in those areas began dying, the grass disappeared completely and we have just dirt on the back side of our property.

Fourth, the mentioning of Swing First improving the condition of the course is contrasted by the fact that the fairway grass is now turning to dirt as that grass there is also experiencing a lack of water.

Long story short, the actions of the owners seem to be to say what we want to hear, but to do nothing to truly improve the condition of the property. They have floated the fantasy of getting all 185 of us to agree to them redeveloping the property when it is clear there is no real plan. I can tell you that we would welcome an intelligent redevelopment if it included amenities that we could enjoy. However, as another contributor pointed out, getting all 185 homeowners to agree to anything would be extremely difficult.

I wonder if there isn’t a deed of trust or some zoning laws that could be enforced to get Swing First to be responsible owners and take care of the property in a proper manner? Perhaps there is a legal recourse, as their lack of care directly affects the value of our 185 properties.