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Brewer: As a mom, I don’t trust Joe Biden to keep our kids safe

As a mom of three, there is nothing more important than the safety of my family. In Arizona, there are millions of moms like me who are willing to fight for the safety of their children. Under the …

Brewer: West Coast anarchy could happen in Arizona if we don’t stand against it

Independent Newsmedia launches collaborative commenting platform at

Henninger: Your Scottsdale vote is a paramount decision this August


Celebrating Constitution Week Sept. 17-23

Constitution Week is celebrated each year Sept. 17-23. This year our Constitution is 233 years old. It has been in effect longer than any other and is the shortest in the world.

Kleving: Says sick should just 'tough it out'

Reading the recent article on making the gyms safer, (“Making gyms safer a constant challenge,” Daily Independent, Sept. 16, 2020). I think you missed the obvious. Like not being ready …

Getting ‘justice for all’ in Arizona

For decades, only people who have been accepted by the American Bar Association were allowed to offer legal advice, no matter how qualified they were to give that guidance.

Cucharo: From New York to the Arizona desert

We moved to Arizona from New York’s Long Island in the summer of 2019 for all the standard reasons. Lower taxes, nicer climate and extremely better “bang for your buck” with respect …

Two Guns’ sordid history off Interstate 40

Along Interstate 40, nestled between Flagstaff and Winslow, is the ghost town of Two Guns. As you drive by, you may see the remnants of an old gas station, now nothing more than a repository of …

Mendivil: Supports Sen. McSally for Senate

I have been listening to the extremely aggressive and negative commercials that Mark Kelly is presenting against Sen. Martha McSally. I find them disturbing, especially when a lot of his quotes …

We’re moving a little faster back into the world

Well, not everyone is moving faster. Parents continue to juggle work and home-schooling responsibilities, many people are without jobs, too many business owners are struggling and the list goes on, …

Goncalves: Calls for president's reelection

An open letter to the person or persons who are stealing Trump lawn signs: I would like to know — what are you afraid of? Is the thought of President Donald Trump being reelected …

Importance of knowing safe surroundings

Do you know a safe person when you see one? Do you know the signs of an unsafe person? Do you know someone in your life who is always telling you what you should or shouldn’t do?

Scanlan: Calls out letter writer as ‘self righteous’

I would like the opportunity to respond to recent the letter by Kathleen O’Brien-Lawrence (“Merchants, masks, money madness,” Daily Independent, Sept. 14, 2020). First, there …