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Fountain Hills cannot afford Joe Arpaio


In a January interview (azfamily.com), former Sheriff Arpaio explained that he was running for mayor of Fountain Hills because he didn’t have any hobbies and wanted to contribute to his community by putting his “wisdom” to work. 

Should we consider electing a mayor who views the job as a hobby? Of course not. 

Do we have reason to believe that Arpaio’s “wisdom” compensates for his admitted lack of experience? Not based on his past and present history.

Was it wise to orchestrate the arrest and jailing of two journalists, resulting in a $3.75 million settlement of their false arrest claims? (Phoenix New Times)

Was it “wise” to order the continuation of unlawful immigration patrols for months after a federal judge ordered them to be stopped, resulting in litigation that, to date, has cost taxpayers more than $200 million? (Fox 10)

Was it “wise” to admit during a speech at the America First Political Action Conference that “maybe I did racially profile” and go on to boast he owned a machine gun he could use “to shoot people that come across the border?” (New Times/The Rational National)

Arpaio has been spared the consequences of his lack of judgment. He has not paid his own defense costs. He didn’t go to jail following his conviction for criminal contempt. He accepted Trump’s pardon and, in doing so, admitted his guilt.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been paid in fees, judgments and settlements because of this “wise” man’s decisions. Yet, Arpaio has said he would change nothing. He has said he would “do it all over again.” (Associated Press story published by NPR)

We cannot give him the opportunity to “do it all over again.” Fountain Hills cannot afford Joe Arpaio.

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