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Shinkoskey: Are you helping democracy?


What are some personal things folks are doing that impede democracy?

If you are making a whole lot of money and hoarding it for yourself, you’re not helping democracy much. It takes political labor to help democracy and gold-digging is almost 100% economic labor.

If you are raising a child and not educating your child through college and well beyond, you’re not helping democracy much. You are contributing to autocracy which needs ignorant citizens to make it go.

If you want to wait to solve pressing national policy problems until your fave candidate gets elected and then decrees a solution like a king, you are not a Republican or a Democrat, but a monarchist.

If you don’t want to enforce restrictions on unhealthy or unlawful behavior, you are more of an anarchist who doesn’t believe in democratic rule of law.

If your tax dollars are being used to prosecute a religious war in Palestine and you are not protesting that war, you are not supporting religious freedom much and you are a hypocrite when you go to church.

If any of this is you, you are personally helping to kill democracy.

Kim Shinkoskey