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Nelson: Replacements for Lesko are numerous


I read your story about the many candidates that are seeking to replace Rep. Debbie Lesko.

Considering the Congresswoman said she is leaving the House due to the inability for her to get anything done in Washington due to the gridlocked House, I am a bit surprised so many are vying for her seat. She has made a good point, though. There are many important issues facing Congress — and they are issues that can greatly affect us here in Arizona.

Case in point — the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering many new regulations on the chemical sector that would have grave consequences for the manufacturing of electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries and semiconductors.

If these regulations were to go into effect, they could threaten the billions that are being invested here in Arizona to manufacture these very items.
We need a functioning Congress to be a backstop to make sure the EPA is considering all the ramifications of their actions.

Jack Nelson