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Fanguen: Schweikert pioneered same legislation as anti-abortion groups in front of Supreme Court


As the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments that could “pave the way toward a national abortion ban” by severely restricting access to the medication mifepristone, David Schweikert and House Republicans have been simultaneously mounting a multiple-front attack on reproductive freedoms in America.

Last year, David Schweikert voted for fervently anti-abortion legislation that would prevent women from receiving mifepristone through the mail or at pharmacies – the exact same issue before the Supreme Court now. 
Schweikert’s crusade against access to safe medication is only one of many far-right, extreme measures he and the House GOP have been pushing for to achieve their eventual goal of a nationwide abortion ban.

In the 118th Congress alone, David Schweikert and House Republicans have used their majority to try to roll back reproductive freedom every chance they get, from passing anti-abortion legislation that would punish doctors who perform abortions, use federal funds to spread misinformation, and prevent vulnerable communities from seeking essential health care. Schweikert also cosponsored legislation to ban abortion nationwide without exceptions. 
Polling shows that more than 60% of Americans favor protecting access to mifepristone as a prescription drug, while over half of Americans support a woman’s right to obtain an abortion.

Let’s be clear: David Schweikert, House Republicans, and the anti-abortion groups in front of the Supreme Court are working from the exact same playbook to criminalize abortion and restrict women’s reproductive freedoms. Voters will hold Schweikert accountable for his dangerous positions and vote him out this November.

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