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Rose: The importance of investing in education


Arizona’s economy and communities benefit when students continue their education after high school.

Whether studying for a four-year degree or a two-year specialized certification, most people, regardless of political beliefs, agree that education beyond high school is valuable and important. Our elected officials, educators, business professionals and city leaders must take action to improve educational opportunities for high school graduates.

While it seems every issue brings division, that’s not true in this case. Eighty-six percent of Arizonans support the Achieve60AZ goal to have at least 60 percent of Arizona adults ages 25-64 complete education beyond high school by 2030. However, recent studies show only 48 percent of Arizonans have a degree, credential or certificate. More must be done to protect future generations and keep Arizona’s economy strong. 

Research has not only emphasized economic advantages but also recognized the broader societal advantages that come with postsecondary education. When asked, over 90 percent of respondents believe that education beyond high school contributes to the well-being of our communities and helps keep our talented individuals in Arizona. Educational and technical training provide a workforce that can meet the needs of our state.  

Now is the time for action! Regardless of their political party, education, business and elected leaders must work together to generate progress toward the Achieve60AZ goal. By investing in education beyond high school, we can build a brighter future for Arizona. We should be proud Arizonians and agree that education is the key to success. Academic enrichment should be encouraged.

I urge all policymakers to prioritize education as a fundamental driver of economic growth and social progress. Together, we can build a brighter future for Arizona by investing in students.

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