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King: Protesters cause problems?


It is absolutely ridiculous that protesters feel they have the right to get in traffic and block people from getting to work, to stop emergency vehicles from possibly saving someone’s life or getting to someone to assist them.

Think of the fuel being wasted, especially for big rigs carrying goods that need to be delivered, when these truckers may be penalized for not being on time.

These situations, in what is already stressful times, may lead to a fatal road rage event. Are the politically charged stunts worth dying over?

If the threat of a misdemeanor is not enough to these civil assaults, then a felony charge is needed. Violators of the law must be punished.

People can now rob stores without a threat of arrest. What is happening to society with defunding police, elected (Democrat) officials preventing police from doing their jobs to arrest criminals and releasing criminals before their full sentences have been served defies logic and is causing a complete breakdown of society.

Gov. Hobbs needs to stop thinking of the rights of the protesters. The rights of those who suffer from these blockages take precedence over the those of criminal protesters.

That is my opinion. It is time to start reigning in those who violate the law, or there will be utter chaos, as we saw in Mad Max and other prescient movies.

Karl King