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Brewer: As a mom, I don’t trust Joe Biden to keep our kids safe

As a mom of three, there is nothing more important than the safety of my family. In Arizona, there are millions of moms like me who are willing to fight for the safety of their children. Under the …

Brewer: West Coast anarchy could happen in Arizona if we don’t stand against it

Independent Newsmedia launches collaborative commenting platform at

Henninger: Your Scottsdale vote is a paramount decision this August

Neil Barwick

Barwick: President Trump may exaggerate his accomplishments but he gets results

My mom always told me not to hate anyone and she would scold me severely when I used the word “hate.” I never understood why until recently. Hate destroys the thinking process. It is …

ADOT: Do us a favor and show your support for the South Mountain Freeway

Could we ask for a favor? We promise it’s easier than giving a ride to the airport or house sitting a cat. You see, we were pretty enthused last month when we learned that three ADOT projects …

Hochschartner: Calls for food research funding

I was pleased to learn the National Science Foundation recently awarded a $3.5 million grant to researchers studying cultured meat at the University of California, Davis. In case you don’t …

Michaelis: What kind of ambassador are you?

Maybe you don’t think of yourself as an ambassador based on the common understanding of the word. Webster says, “An ambassador is a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a …

At-home poisons in the age of coronavirus

The Great Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020 — our great grandkids are sure to read about it in their history books. COVID-19 has turned the world on its head more times than we …
The first bridge over the Little Colorado River was built in 1912. [Courtesy of ADOT]

Some big bridge history near little Cameron

As Arizona grew after becoming a state, so did the need for trappers, traders and prospectors to cross the Little Colorado.

The importance of the client relationship summary form

As we all know during these trying times with the virus, the upcoming presidential election and all the other issues, our country is now facing more bureaucracy. The latest one in the financial world …

Gettle: Masks worth wearing to save lives

In his recent article (“Mask up to protect lives, protect economy,” Daily Independent, Sept. 8, 2020), Dr. Richard Strand quoted a estimate of 30,000 to 40,000 lives that could be saved …

MCAO: September is Teen Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide among young adults ages 15 to 24 has become the second-leading cause of death in the United States.

Prince: Defends Electoral College

While I wholeheartedly agree with Howie Verrille’s recent commentary (“Resident calls for reform of campaign, election laws,” Daily Independent, Aug. 26, 2020), in which he argues …