Pearson: Letter writer is just plain wrong about Sun City CC&Rs


I usually try and be civil and often times read letters to the editor and let the nonsense writers spew roll off my back.

In this case (“There is no HOA in Sun City,” Sun City Independent, Nov. 20, 2019), I am making an exception. Jill Schafer’s comments are simply a load of crap.

The biggest problem with her tripe is some people will believe it. The Sun City Home Owners Association is indeed an HOA and comes with the full power to enforce the CC&Rs. They have the absolute right to ask owners to clean up their violations, up to and including the ability to take them to court.

Here’s the really good news; that rarely happens. When a violation is reported, compliance officers visit the property to see if there is, in fact, a problem. A non-threatening notice is sent seeking the owner to address the matter. If they ignore it, the organization continues to seek a resolution. They can charge costs associated with that pursuit, they don’t and can’t “fine” them.

The vast majority of complaints are resolved with that first notice. Built into the process is the right of the homeowner to appeal to their peers (the Compliance Committee). It is a structure that has served Sun City well since 1963.

SCHOA is wholly unlike any other HOA. Dues are voluntary, at $25 per year. On the other hand, compliance with the incredibly easy to follow CC&Rs are mandatory. They are part of your deed restrictions and, as an owner, you are compelled to follow them. It is what you agreed to when you purchased your home.

Beyond the CC&Rs, SCHOA has worked tirelessly to fight against water rate increases and utility hikes. They painted the walls around the community; even though it wasn’t their responsibility. They have cleaned up hundreds of properties for residents who could not financially afford to do so. They have also taken care of property where absentee owners have left their neighbors living next door to dumps.

SCHOA is unique and has helped make Sun City a better place to live. Anyone stating otherwise is simply clueless about what they are writing or talking about.

Bill Pearson

Sun City