Oshie: Permit could damage age restriction in Sun City


A petition was posted May 19 at a home on North Hacienda Drive in Sun City.

This petition is a request for temporary underage occupancy in an adult community. The temporary residency is limited to two years, with a possible extension for another two years.

Residents had 10 days to respond to either support or protest this petition. Many persons in the community are not here beginning in the spring. Unless you drove by, you may not know the petition existed.

You can still put in your support or protest in the following ways. You will need to include the case number TU2022020, your name and address, the property address 11417 N. Hacienda Drive Sun City and your comments to support or oppose this petition. You may fill out a form with Maricopa County with this link, apps.pnd.maricopa.gov.contact/. You can send an email to Joseph Mueller, who is handling this particular petition with Maricopa County Planning and Development Department, Joseph.Mueller@maricopa.gov. You can send a written letter to Maricopa County Planning and Development, 301 W. Jefferson St., 1st floor, Suite 170, Phoenix, AZ 85003.

Anything received by the hearing date on June 23 will be counted.

It doesn’t matter what my personal opinion is, everybody is entitled to their own. The problem I have with this is not enough Sun City residents were notified to be able to put in their input on this, as many were out of town, don’t read the newspaper or don’t drive by this particular address.

I hope that many of you take the time to contact Maricopa County in this matter.