Atwood: Business program in Sun Cities not resident friendly


Homeowners that depend on the SCHOA and PORA business partner category lists to find a good contractor should be concerned.

Those businesses that are on those lists pay to be on those lists, they are not chosen by the HOAs. If you complain about a contractor, SCHOA will take your complaints with a smile but will just go ahead and take the contractor’s money and keep them on the list.

I hired a contractor that was on the list. Licensed and bonded. They did such a bad job that I filed more than 20 complaints with not only SCHOA but with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. SCHOA still has them on their list.

Most recently, after all this rain, the section of the roof that they installed leaked. Now my new ceiling is damaged. The contractor will most likely send over the same roofers to inspect my roof. I feel that is like sending over a den of foxes to inspect the chicken coop.

This contractor began working on my house in March. We are still not living in it because I feel that it is still unsafe and unhealthy to live in. The most recent roof leak is a convincing argument that our house is unsafe. My complaint with the ROC is still ongoing.

Richard Atwood

Sun City