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Goldberg: The difference a smile can make


As we wind down from February, the month of kindness, we move into March and spring full of sunshine and happiness.

Who needs your attention now the most? The babies. Who else is part of this group? Their mothers and dads. Every minute of their time is spent building a foundation for their little ones. Imagine you can help in this simple way. Smile the next time you see them. Your whole face will give your kind message, and your eye contact will enhance it, too.

Your opportunities can be big or small and can often come when you least expect them; but one thing is for sure, they will be there. Smiles “walk their talk.” Each one provides a kindness all of its own. Best is that they act like magnets. Try one to anyone, and you can be sure to get one back. They feel good, look good and are loved the world over.

Here is a fun list of little-known extra benefits. They reduce stress, enrich your life, build confidence, help make friends and strengthen your immune system. Practice this week and then use them all month long in March.

Just the word “spring” is an amazing smile-creator. If “success begets success,” then “smiles beget smiles.” No question there are “troubles” in the world today, but many can be solved with just a “simple smile.” Kids love them, and parents do, too.

In the Middle East a child volunteer for evacuees said it this way, “My team and I have adopted a new mantra these days, ‘Whoever manages to put a smile on the face of child, it’s as if they’ve saved an entire world.’”

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