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LeFlore: 'My Vision for a Better World'


Have you ever pondered what a better world might entail? Well, that very question was posed to several children and teens in foster care programs during community art workshops led by Michael LeFlore. Each workshop offered participants the chance to articulate their vision of a brighter future and express it through vibrant acrylic paintings on canvas.

At the 2024 Paradise Valley Martin Luther King Day Event held at Town Hall and sponsored by the Bahai’s of PV, over 150 residents and community leaders were treated to a captivating display of these young artists' interpretations of a better world. This beautiful showcase served as an inspiring backdrop for individuals of all ages to come together in the spirit of unity and the pursuit of a beloved community.

Accompanying each masterpiece were quotes from the young artists, offering insight into the meaning behind their work. Ellis, a third grader, shared his perspective: "Hi, World! I love you, but that’s not why I am here. My artwork is telling the world to come together in peace.” Ali, a 10th grader, explained her artwork featuring various trees in a forest: “No matter the size, the way we look, we are all the same at the end of the day.” Ella, also in 10th grade, expressed her dream of environmental stewardship: "I envision a clean world that ensures safety and happiness for all."

These young artists remind us that each of us holds the power to turn our dreams of a better world into reality, and together, we form a collective canvas upon which to paint our aspirations.

The "My Dream for A Better World" artwork is available for exhibition as a traveling display. For more information, please email artinspires@gmail.com.

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