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Inkpen: Not a fan of all the fake grass in PV


Paradise Valley seems to be having a love affair with fake grass. I see more and more homes installing fake grass, including many newbuild spec homes.

Why would anyone want a carpet of green plastic on their property? It looks a bit ridiculous in the desert, it traps heat and releases it slowly, it will not attract pollinators and, if you have a dog, just wait until it starts smelling from all the dog urine.

Fake grass is also environmentally unfriendly. It is full of toxic chemicals that will break down and get released in the Arizona sun.

Instead of using plastic on your yard, why not take advantage of Arizona's amazing natural biodiversity? There are many beautiful drought-resistant plants that will thrive without irrigation, like jojoba, creosote and many different species of cactus. Or plant some native trees and create some shade, attract some birds and have a much more diverse and sustainable landscape.

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