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Akerhielm: Responding to letter, "Climate panic movement not catching on"


Former Republican senator and physician Tom Patterson makes some good points in his letter. However, his true colors are revealed when he declares that going green will drive us into poverty based on “following the (false) science.”

Unfortunately, as Dr. Patterson well knows, nearly all climate scientists agree on the urgency of taking action on climate change. It is unfortunate that a physician who relied on science to help cure his patients, is ready to disparage equally competent climate scientists.

Our high standard of living does indeed owe a huge debt to fossil fuel energy, but unfortunately this planet now has far too many people with aspirations to be served sustainably by the old fossil fuel energy system – once again, this is something Dr. Patterson must know. The only hope for a human sustainable future is with population stability, green energy, low carbon agriculture, carbon capture and more efficient use of energy.

As for EVs, their appeal will return. I drive a plug-in hybrid, easily my best vehicle in 50 years driving, and I would not go back to a gas only vehicle. Unfortunately, American car manufacturers’ business model is based on selling over-large vehicles at large markups. The rest of the world does fine with smaller, more efficient vehicles.

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