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McWhirter: Thomasson stood out during forum


I was at the candidate forum for Paradise Valley’s mayor the afternoon of June 17. Your moderator did an excellent job of presenting the candidates the valid questions for Paradise Valley. 

Anna Thomasson stood out.

Although the other candidates gave competent answers to most of the questions, only Anna Thomasson answered each question with specific facts related to her knowledge and experience.

For instance, regarding dealing with the state legislature, it was clear only Anna Thomasson spent time there addressing current town issues and developed the relationships needed to help Paradise Valley in the next few years. Whether the issue related to short-term rentals, photo radar, one-acre zoning or any other matter in the town’s interest, Anna Thomasson is the one who has “walked the walk.”

No other candidate could match her commitment to the Town’s interests, not to mention her ability and insight. As Anna Thomasson stated, she’s “all in” and fully committed to serving the people of Paradise Valley. She will be the full-time mayor Paradise Valley needs.

Given her extensive background in corporate America and her proven willingness and commitment to serve, Anna Thomasson is the obvious choice for mayor and the best bargain Paradise Valley can get.

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