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Wolborsky: Here’s why you should support Schweikert


I support David Schweikert for congress and here’s why you should, too.

Congressman Schweikert has been representing Arizona in the House of Representatives for 11 years. Because of his seniority he is a member of the most powerful congressional committee in our country, the House Ways and Means Committee. Virtually all finance and budget issues must go through this committee. He is vice chairman of the Joint House and Senate Economic Committee that monitors the economic health of the country and recommends improvements to the economy. Additionally, he chairs or co-chairs 11 task forces and caucuses and is a member of 25 others.

If one of the Republicans or Democrats running against him gets elected, they are a “freshman congressman.” He or she gets assigned the least desirable and least powerful committee, such as the Joint Committee on the Library. They have one vote in 435 and each representative is trying to get the bigger slice of the pie for their district. So, does a freshman congressperson carry as much weight as an 11-year congressman with a seat on the Ways and Means Committee?

That’s why you should vote for him, but here’s why I will. Last year I had to have a colonoscopy because my previous colonoscopy had found several pre-cancerous polyps. Medicare refused to pay for it and said it was an elective procedure. Somewhere in this world there may be someone weird enough to volunteer for a colonoscopy, but it ain’t me.

I went through the arcane procedure that Medicare has for appeals and after three months the Mayo Clinic was getting a bit more assertive on the over $3,000 I owed for the procedure. Finally, I called Congressman Schweikert’s office and 10 days later Medicare paid the bill. Schweikert works for us!

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