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Goett: Gas-powered blowers are the real noise problem in PV


Apparently, there is a concern regarding noise that the wildly popular pickleball craze is creating.

The town is seeking solutions to mitigate “all the noise” created by this game.

Perhaps the town might consider doing something about the real noise culprit gripping our community – gas-powered blowers. Anyone spending any time walking, running or cycling our beautiful streets knows exactly what I am talking about. From sun up until sun down, gas blowers are running nonstop throughout our neighborhoods, kicking up dust and pollen, blowing debris into the street, belching toxic fumes and otherwise destroying the peace and quiet that drew many of us to this beautiful town.

I’d much rather hear the sound of people having fun than the incessant barrage of noise emitted from gas blowers. Perhaps the town should tackle the low-hanging fruit of regulating (or better still, prohibiting altogether) gas blowers to really make our neighborhoods peaceful and more enjoyable.

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