Veach: Do job right first time, stop redoing


In the 16 years I’ve lived in the area, 99th Avenue seems to have on-going construction.

The canal running through the middle of 99th Avenue north of Union Hills is again being dug up after completion within the last year or two. Why is this happening now? How many times does it take to get the job done right?  

This latest proposal for a corridor improvement study has many components to consider.

Ninety-Ninth Avenue is a very, very busy street with drivers not obeying the speed limits, which endangers other drivers and will also endanger anyone walking, jogging or bicycling on 99th Avenue. Pollution from the speeding cars will also pose a health issue to anyone not in a car. I avoid 99th Avenue whenever possible.

Ninety-Ninth Avenue has churches, strip malls, private fences to consider with the construction. There are also street lights, electrical boxes/poles, water drainage at some corners, which will have to be removed, redone or placed somewhere else. Is 99th Avenue from Olive Avenue to Beardsley Road all in the jurisdiction of Sun City or are there other cities involved? I don’t know if this question was brought up and/or answered.

I went to the public meetings in September, November and December, which really didn’t answer questions regarding actual starting time and anticipated finishing time for the project, where the funding would come from  and actual cost for the project. It seemed like the questions were fielded from one person to another with no real answers. With all that is involved, this project will go on forever!

Ninety-Ninth Avenue has too many reasons against having this suggestion being done!

A similar response was sent to after the last public meeting in December and I have not heard from her or anyone else.

Other streets in the area have had their share of on-going street projects. Union Hills Drive has had at least five major street projects and re-widening several times. Beardsley Road has had at least four re-widening/re-structuring projects and just finished up with a new sewer system, which started in June and went to December 2019 to complete. There were many times during the summer signs indicated a work zone with no one working. Drivers ignored the speed limits and raced down Beardsley Road. One-Hundrend-Seventh Avenue and Union Hills Drive has had numerous on-going street constructions and another one started up again after being competed this past fall.

Berna Veach

Sun City