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Copeland: All children are precious


The letter from Barbara Kepler in the May 8 Sun City Independent replying to my letter about abortion begs a reply.

In the 1970’s when my husband and I were unable to conceive, we would have liked to have adopted one of the babies being aborted after Roe vs Wade became law, but mothers were keeping their babies (some collecting welfare for them) or having abortions (if the child was unwanted). We would have taken a baby conceived by rape or incest. All children are precious and gifts from God.

We seem only to hear about the women who have gotten pregnant and don’t want the baby. Does anyone think about the women who want children, and through no fault of their own, can’t get pregnant. Why are we not sharing God’s goodness with each other? Are children no longer being thought of as “gifts from God?”

I do not feel that a baby taken for medical reasons (such as a still birth) should be considered an abortion. It is a necessary medical procedure, sometimes needed to save the mother’s life. In most of these cases, the medical profession would probably not be dealing with a live fetus. This should not be considered an abortion and lumped into the same category as willfully getting rid of a live birth from an inconveniently timed pregnancy.

Books have been written by famous people who were the product of rape or incest – should their talents have been aborted? Have we already aborted the children God chose to cure cancer or some other crippling disease? So sad.