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Loken: Punch card expiration breach of contract


Just imagine that you would like to go see a movie in a theater, but they will not sell you an individual ticket.
You have to buy a card with multiple admissions. You only want to see one movie, but the card has no expiation date so you buy it, thinking that you will use it in the future. Then the theater states, in some small nondescript newspaper, that the card will now have to book your admissions online and the card will expire in one year whether you use it or not. You don’t go to many movies. You will never use it up in one year. So, you will never get your money back on your investment.
This is a breach of contract. The theater can not sell you something and then change the terms after the fact. And this is what is happening in Sun City. It is illegal and if it goes through as announced the RCSC is setting itself up for a class action lawsuit.
It’s time for the RCSC to stop disrespecting its member and start playing fair.
Punch cards were sold with no expitation date and as the only way that members were able to bring guests to the facilities. You must end this nonsense of an expiration of punch cards. This is illegal.