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Crowell: Ideas for handling the noise issue along Shea

  1. Graber did a great job of telling the truth about the noise on Shea Boulevard and west of 96th Street. Unfortunately, Mr. Graber didn’t delve deep enough into solutions.

I believe that there are a few simple and economic changes that will alleviate the problem.

First, install speed cameras that will send out tickets automatically. The camera captures that plate and the owner gets an immediate suspension of the plate and a requirement to re-register after inspection.

Second, allow homeowners to install eight-foot sound walls on their properties. Any property that is backing to Shea should be allowed to install their own approved-by-the-city sound wall.

Third, when the cars are inspected, any car or motorcycle that makes more than 65 dB when the engine is running at 3000 RPM or more, attach a fee to their registration. That will be collected when they register and those funds are used to pay for the speed cameras and the sound walls.

I’m sure there are many other possible solutions, but this one would be the quickest, and the most economical way to satisfy homeowners.

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