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Haskell: My thoughts on the upcoming elections


Most of us have come to the realization that Scottsdale is nothing more than an overpriced mecca for the wealthy. Everything has a dollar sign attached.

Scottsdale’s middle name is “more.” More overpriced housing, dining and shopping experiences, but much less when it comes to the average resident. I have heard the same from tourists who tell me they are shocked by the overdevelopment, traffic and prices with the end result being a far less enjoyable experience.

As for your growing traffic problem, other than road diets, no one has offered a concrete solution as to how to address the growing traffic nightmare. Adding more concrete doesn't count. The only solution offered to address our growing traffic woes is the road diet.

Every day you read about pedestrian fatalities and car accidents, many caused by drivers’ blatant disregard for speed limits and apparent lack of concern for any and all traffic laws. As long as you get to happy hour on time, who cares if you had to drive over a pedestrian? Traffic safety does not seem to be a priority, with the end result being an every man for themselves mentality. Instead of putting our roads on diets, perhaps it's time to bulk up the police force so they can make the streets safer, and not just the bar district.

It is election season, so there will be a nonstop stream of biased campaign propaganda, but most have come to realize that who you elect seems to make little difference. All the candidates are linked to, supported by or financed by current council members or partisan members of one party or the other, or the development community. City Council elections were not supposed to be partisan.

I don't need anyone telling me who to vote for or sending me campaign propaganda. The first thing candidates have printed on T-shirts, hats, the campaign bus and all that annoying campaign literature that fills your mailbox and is destined to line your cat’s litter pan is “resident friendly.” That phrase no longer holds any allure for me. Try “developer friendly.”

If you are able to get yourself elected with misrepresentations and by pandering to residents, good for you. Serve a term and, if you remember who residents are other than during election season and accomplish some of what you promised without selling out to developers or other elites, I might support you.

It's election season. Grab your boots. This is/was the West’s most Western town. How about Scottsdale? Developer friendly. Afterall, our door is always open.

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