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Switzenberg: The city should just say no to Axon


I am frustrated with Axon and its request to rezone land it purchased under restrictions from the state a couple of years ago. What will this do to other land restrictions? Will Axon be the example businesses will use to rezone other properties?

Now they want to rezone the land to include residential use, apartments of course, and to fill out the parcel as a small city in our backyards. So, I want tall apartment buildings, a hotel and the other nonsense Axon has proposed that will torpedo our property values? Of course not, and neither would you if you were in our position. In fact, your neighborhood could be next.  

We have a lovely community in north Scottsdale, and we know something will eventually be built on the land, but it should be with the existing zoning we were aware of when we bought our homes. Now we must worry about what this so-called big company will do to our property values. And believe me, they don't care one iota about their plan's impact on our neighborhood, which is right next door.

Axon seems to be playing a game of political blackmail with the City Council, threatening to leave or to grow its business elsewhere. Well, I say, let them.

Axon should be made to develop the land under the zoning it bought from the state, which prohibits residential development. Axon is flexing its muscles like a bully on a playground. The city should just say no!

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