letter to the editor

Boontjer: Haldiman's article about Peoria school district is biased


Talk about bias.

Regarding Philip Haldiman's article ("Right-wing ideology penetrates school board meetings in Peoria"). His article was biased news reporting. He completely ignores the constitutional rights of parents. No educational institution has the responsibility or right to indocritnate children about sex or gender transitioning.

He uses language about the people who are fearful for their children's well being. Saying for example: "pushing their ideology", "political theatrics", "varying degrees of force", "extreme rhetoric."

It is the radical left, liberal, progressive ideology that has been creeping, now forcing their ideology into our schools and lives.

Governing board member Heather Rooks and former member Rebecca Hill are not "promoting their religious beliefs." They are representing and speaking for parents and children as they were elected to do. They are fighting for parent rights in and for their children's education and for our children's safety in PUSD. Males in any form should not use girl's bathrooms.

Mr. Haldiman quoted from a letter from Christopher Line, staff attorney for Freedom From Religion Foundation, "the Establishment Clause in the Constitution, which 'protects Americans' religious freedom by ensuring continued separation of religion and government-dictates that the government cannot in any way show favoritism toward religion.'"

First of all , there is nothing in the Constitution saying "separation of church and state." Those words were written in a letter by Thomas Jefferson in a different context. Look it up.

Second, the Supreme Court considers viewpoint-based regulation of
speech to be "an egregious (conspicuously bad) form of content discrimination." The Free Speech Clause prohibits the government from restricting speech based on the particular views expressed in that speech. The First Amendment gives the citizens of the United States the Freedom of Speech.

Common sense, psychology and child development demand a conservative
education that teaches reading, math, unadulterated science, unrevised history and appropriate life and work skills.