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Brewer: West Coast anarchy could happen in Arizona if we don’t stand against it

The insanity we’re seeing in the Pacific Northwest would have free reign to spread to the rest of the country under a prospective Biden administration.

Independent Newsmedia launches collaborative commenting platform at

Rhoden: A letter to my kids regarding #BlackLivesMatter


Cravens: Letter writer leaves out important part

I would like to respond to Lyle Tuttle’s letter from Aug. 24, 2020, regarding Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes’ decision to try to maximize voter turnout.
Peoria Unified School District administrative office buidling, 6330 W. Thunderbird Road, Glendale.

Pingerellis: Understanding our uncertainty and fears in K-12 education during the COVID-19 pandemic

Concerns over COVID-19 and the reopening of Arizona schools are escalating dramatically. In unprecedented numbers, parents are reaching out to school board members and superintendents to voice their concerns. One parent, in particular, expressed what parents and students are feeling.
Diana Varley is the Area Lending Manager for Bank of America Phoenix.

Varley: Dreaming of home ownership? It’s within reach

While daily life has changed over the last few months, many prospective homebuyers in Phoenix still want to own a home. With new passions like fitness or exploring the outdoors growing, some Arizonians may be interested in a home with a backyard or an additional room for a fitness studio.

Tuttle: Fontes should foot bill for ballots

It’s your money. Just in case you have not been keeping up with the events within the secretary of state, the recorder’s office, the county supervisors and the attorney general’s office, let me briefly review what has happened.
Michelle Lind

Lind: Implementation of tenant/landlord assistance programs is critical

Arizona businesses continue to be affected by the economic impact of COVID-19. Particularly hard-hit are those individuals whose business is the ownership and management of rental homes throughout …
Ed McClelland

McClelland: When it comes to mental health, race matters

As a Black man who has worked in the community behavioral health industry for more than 30 years, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen the struggles that individuals and family members go …
President George H. W. Bush signs the Americans with the Disabilities Act during a July 26, 1990, ceremony in the White House Rose Garden. Sitting beside him, from left, Evan Kemp, chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and Justin Dart, chairman of the President’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities. Standing behind him, from left, are the Rev. Harold Wilke and Swift Parrino, National Council on Disability chairwoman.

Happy anniversary to five significant ‘socialist’ programs that continue to benefit all Americans

Americans love anniversaries, whether it is the birth of our nation on July 4th, our parents’ 50th, Pearl Harbor or 9/11. The year 2020 has a number of significant anniversaries of laws that have changed American society in uncountable ways.
Peoria High School students Danielle Kwan and Tatum Champion have raised $870 to provide COVID-19 survival kits for Sun City senior citizens.

Tracy: Youths’ COVID kit outreach effort virtuous

I appreciated your good news story on the young ladies from Peoria High School and their outreach to Sun City residents.
Dr. Kristen Bishop

Bishop: Our bodies are designed to fight off viruses – and they do it every day

Valley residents are continuing to work through the slight declining trend of COVID-19, many are still concerned about the safety of themselves and their families.
Shannon Clancy

Clancy: Who is on the front line for families facing homelessness?

Temporary grace and an extension of Arizona’s eviction moratorium to Oct. 31 means we have more time to do our literal “home” work, but there’s no free pass or less pressure …