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Resnick: Amkor is not right for Vistancia


I just watched the slick sales pitch about Amkor at the February city council meeting, and I am even more outraged.

Fifty-four feet and the largest manufacturing plant in the U.S. at 500,000 square-feet ... in our backyard!!!

How will the lunchtime crowd with 2,000 workers bring more fine dining to area and not lunchtime fast food places?

Besides the traffic, just think of the lighting at night and light pollution in night sky.

This plan was never open for community discussion or input from Vistancia residents. They just approved it under our noses. This size plant is not appropriate for our upscale community, but I could see it in a central Peoria industrial area by run down and condemned properties along Grand Avenue. Another option is all the vacant land in Peoria between Loop 303 and State Route 74, off Lake Pleasant Parkway. That would be more appropriate.

This is absurd, and not a benefit to Vistancia residents, but rather a nightmare and eyesore.

The Vistancia marketing office had this property listed as a commercial zone, not industrial with a 500,000 square-foot plant.

A lot of us in Trilogy and Vistancia are pissed and rightly so. This size plant is not appropriate for this community ... period.