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Helping bright futures shine during spring state assessments


As Arizonans welcome the spring sunshine, we also usher in the season of standardized testing for our schoolchildren. State assessments provide valuable insights into the academic strides made by Arizona’s 1.1 million K-12 students.

Such testing is a vital tool, enabling schools to assess students’ mastery of essential academic concepts alongside their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It’s a cornerstone for informed decision-making by educators and policymakers alike, aiming to chart the path of academic excellence for students across Arizona.

At Legacy Traditional Schools, in tandem with public schools statewide, we are gearing up for the Arizona Academic Standards Assessment (AASA), measuring English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics proficiency among students in grades 3-8. Legacy’s network of 20 schools across the state is buzzing with preparation activities — each campus imparting its unique school spirit into test preparation. Whether through themes of adventure, sports, or even the whimsical world of The Super Mario Bros., our students channel their enthusiasm and love for learning into tangible preparation for the AASA.

For parents eager to boost their child’s performance, we highly recommend exploring the AASA sample tests available online. This valuable resource lets students get acquainted with the test structure and content, paving the way for success.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of our students’ physical well-being on test day. A good night’s sleep and a nutritious breakfast can significantly enhance performance. Legacy offers complimentary meals on test days to assist families, ensuring that every student can approach their assessments with concentration and vitality.

It’s important to remember that these assessments are only one measure of academic achievement, and schools are enriched most with the active involvement of families whose engagement is a cornerstone of our collective success. As we navigate this spring’s AASA assessments, we see it as a unique opportunity for every parent across the state to join the endeavor, offering support, encouragement, and involvement in their child’s educational experience.

Together, let’s champion our students towards achieving their fullest potential.