Opinions with Civility

Godlewski: Beware of these financial myths, misconceptions about retirement

Many people look forward to retirement and all the enjoyment it can bring after having worked so hard for decades. But from a distance, whether a few years or many years away from retirement, it’s not easy to clearly see what retirement will look like.

Virden: Reader sees much waste in community

In response to your article (“Water committee discusses management plan,” Sun City West Independent, April 28, 2021), we have lived here five years and all we ever hear is things are really getting bad and we really need to do something.

Proven: ‘Ghetto’ tag in Sun City West confusing

When my husband and I — six-year residents of Sun City West) — were vetting locations in which to retire back in 2005, there was so much to consider.
Jerry Bien-Wilner

Guest Commentary: Real state of short term rentals in Arizona

The short-term rental platforms are working hard to spin their recent loss. They would have you believe that they offered legislation to “fix” the STR rental problems that they created in our towns and throughout the state, only to have it rejected without reason.

Schragel: Weird that Cinco de Mayo gets rock music

I received the April 21 Sun City West Independent paper. As I’m reading I come onto page 42 under music.

Bagnato: Variances impacted by decisions

In the Recreations Centers of Sun City West E-News edition of April 14, 2021, there is a link to commentary by RCSCW Chief Financial Officer Pete Finelli.
An American flag flies outside the Department of Justice in Washington, Friday, March 22, 2019. Special counsel Robert Mueller has concluded his investigation into Russian election interference and possible coordination with associates of President Donald Trump. The Justice Department says Mueller delivered his final report to Attorney Barr, who is reviewing it. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Guest Commentary: Short-term rentals are a pig in the parlor — with lipstick

Supreme Court Justice George Sutherland (who also was a former U.S. Senator and congressman from Utah) famously noted in the landmark 1926 case of Euclid v. Ambler Realty Co. that: “A nuisance may be merely a right thing in the wrong place — like a pig in the parlor instead of the barnyard.”
: Debora Verdier is a senior member at The Cavanagh Law Firm in Phoenix.

Guest Commentary: Distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is well underway

Distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is well underway.

Kapic: ‘For the People Act’ not good for one reader

I have been reading about HR 1/S.1, the so-called “For the People Act,” which is under consideration in the U.S. Senate.

Axelson: Golf course recycle bins are unsightly

We are concerned about the unsightly trash at the recycling bins at Pebblecreek Golf Course, 18838 N. 128th Ave.

Aschendorf: Unbelievable how far down nation has gone

I’m writing in response to the letter from Bonnie Boyles of Sun City (“Reflecting on impotent society,” Sun City West Independent, April 7, 2021).

SCW Foundation Board: Foundation officials give thanks

The Sun City West Foundation board and staff would like to thank our fabulous, generous neighbors for supporting our fund drive this year.

Bohline: Resident upset about inverted U.S. banner

As one of those other “people” (quotes are his) referenced in George Aschendorf’s letter (“People can hang flags on property,” Sun City West Independent, March 17, 2021) a couple weeks ago, I take issue with his support of a neighbor flying the flag upside-down.
Gary Cohen

Guest Commentary: Don’t let guard down on COVID safety

Now that all of the Recreation Centers of Sun City West indoor and outdoor venues are open, guests are allowed back into pools and fitness centers and the mandatory mask mandate has been lifted by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, our community still needs to be careful just more than a year after COVID-19 arrived on the scene.

Proven: Everyone has right to share their views

In response to the letter (“Opinions should not be forced upon others,” Sun City West Independent, March 10, 2021), I would like to reply to the writer who found offense at my opinion from a previous letter.

Seals: Murals have no place on side of homes

We are in complete agreement with Sandra Witt (“Do house murals violate the rules?” Sun City West Independent, March 17, 2021).

Burks: Resident leaves committee after being ignored

Back in the fall last year I joined the Budget and Finance Committee and spent four months moving through the process of reviewing the financial policies and adjusting them as needed.

Nelson: Bad drivers are all over the Valley

I lived in Phoenix for 35 years and experienced and saw rude drivers.
Mike Levine is the first vice president for the RISE Governing Council.

Guest Commentary: How I discovered Rio Institute for Senior Education

My wife, Ronnie, and I moved to Arizona in May 2018 after retiring from work life and desiring to leave Southern California.
RCSCW Governing Board Member Anne Brown

Guest Commentary: RCSCW members invited to participate in budget

Most of us think of the seasons in Sun City West as monsoon, allergy and citrus-picking. But we’re currently in the throes of another important season — it’s budget season for Recreation Centers of Sun City West.

Amaro: Hope SCHOA enforces short term rentals

Thank you for asking for input from Sun City residents regarding short-term rental properties (“Short term rentals on hot seat,” Sun City Independent, March 10, 2021).

Harmer: Vehicles at some homes out of hand

This is my first time taking action like this but as a Sun City homeowner I have concerns as well.

Gray: There are responsibilities to ownership

The idea that anyone should be able to do anything they want with their property is just selfishness.

Powell: Supports short-term rental bill

I support legislation that regulates short-term rentals to owner-occupied homes (“Short term rentals on hot seat,” Sun City Independent, March 10, 2021) during the rental and that renters meet the various CC&Rs that maintain the restricted age limitations that make Sun City an attractive residential choice for seniors.

Forrest: Restrictions were draw for Sun City

We purchased property in Sun City for the relaxing atmosphere, no out of control parties, no noise produced by people who have no respect for others and no cars racing down the streets at all hours, plus property management companies that work with the HOAs to maintain the communities.

Caouette: Short rentals do appropriate in residential

Short term rentals (aka Airbnb or vrbo) are businesses and don’t belong in residential zones(“Short term rentals on hot seat,” Sun City Independent, March 10, 2021). This shouldn’t be complicated, it is a zoning issue.

Aschendorf: People can hang flags on property

Sun City West Resident Frank Bagnato had been criticized for hanging his American Flag upside down.

Witt: Do house murals violate the rules?

I just read the article (“Resident hopes to share home murals,” Sun City West Independent, March 10, 2021) and would like clarification of C&R rules for Sun City West if displaying artwork on your house is permitted.
Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center,

Lamont: Patient gets good treatment at hospital

I recently experience a health issue, which was very serious. This letter is about MD Anderson Cancer Center and Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center, both at 14502 W. Meeker, Blvd., Sun City West.

Bass: No one wants to repeat this pandemic

The pandemic has been an ordeal that none of us want to repeat.
Katy O'Grady

O'Grady: RCSCW runs independent of SC rec centers

The Rec Centers of Sun City West operates independently of Recreation Centers of Sun City.

Slade: RCSCW officials loading up expenditures

It is once again spring in Sun City West; the birds are singing, and the birds in the general manager’s office and Governing Board (birds of a feather?) are hard at work preparing to further pad their gilded nests and bloated budgets by gouging the citizens of Sun City West with unnecessary fee increases.

Good golf starts with the grip

In golf, one of the most overlooked areas of importance is how you hold the club.

Bagnato: Opinions should not be forced on others

A recent letter writer (“Distress has different meanings,” Sun City West Independent, March 3, 2021) opined that I have no right to be distressed with how far our country has fallen in the past two months, and that my flying the American flag as I see fit is unwarranted.
Gary Cohen

Cohen: Much more to learn regarding COVID-19

As I have talked about with Rec Centers of Sun City West General Manager Bill Schwind on my Rec Center Show on 103.1 KSCW Radio, while we have learned a lot about COVID-19 and the vaccines, there is still much more to learn and to be careful about.

Kasten: Watch out for phishing phone calls

This morning there was a message on my landline phone from someone who was obviously very upset about getting phone calls, perhaps multiple times from the same number.

Victor: Relay for Life turns out well

Thank you to all of the individuals who joined us Feb. 21 for the Ninth Annual American Cancer Society Relay for Life of the Sun Cities drive-through in the Sun City West Foundation parking lot.

Hug: Knights offer thanks for food donations

The Knights of Columbus, Our Lady of Lourdes Council 11809, and Valley View Community Food Bank thank all those who helped make the “Give From The Heart” food drive Feb. 13 for the local needy and hungry of the community such a success.

Garcia: Open centers, let people make choices

This is in regards to Mary Pitzer’s letter (“Cases keep rising, what is the problem?” Sun City West Independent, Feb. 17, 2021).
Most of Arizona is covered by local mandates that require wearing a mask.

Lux: Come on, just wear the masks!

The article on the front page says a first-term legislator convinced other lawmakers in our State House to ignore mask mandates. It wasn’t a lawmaker, politician or president who created …

Proven: Distress has different meanings

This letter is in response to the letter from Rebecca Ettien (“No need to be distressed in Sun City West,” Sun City West Independent, Feb. 17, 2021).
David Arend

Guest Commentary: Dance your way to a better golf swing

I have seen too many people lose their ability to “hop around” and “pivot the hips.”
Pictured are Dianna Duvall, MSN RN, nurse, manager of COVID 19 vaccines, with Dennis Fossey.

Heller: Resident has good experience at VA center

The Phoenix VA hospital is doing a good job!

Leighton: Bag supply exceeds mat production

Please do not donate any more plastic bags at this time.
Leonard Kirschner poses near the canyon during a pre-pandemic visit to Grand Canyon National Park.

Kirschner: America’s national parks are calling, and you must go post-COVID-19

It was a year ago when COVID-19 struck and our world changed.

Ettien: No need to be distressed in Sun City West

This is in response to a letter from Frank Bagnato (“Accusation about resident was wrong,” Sun City Independent, Feb. 3, 2021).

Pitzer: Cases keep rising, what is problem?

The recreation centers in Sun City West ave been closed for weeks. Yet the COVID cases increase.

Arnot: Resident sets record straight about concern

To set the record straight and to respond to Mr. Frank Bagnato (“Accusation about resident was wrong,” Sun City West Independent, Feb. 3, 2021) and Ms. Patricia Leopold (“Resident offers other side of flag letter,” Sun City West Independent, Feb. 3, 2021), here are the facts relating to my original letter to the Independent sharing my discomfort and disappointment in seeing the foremost symbol of our country, the United States flag, flying upside down on a high flagpole in Sun City West.
Dr. Timothy Gerhart

Gerhert: How important is vitamin D is staying well?

Staying well requires a strong, balanced immune system combined with reducing exposure to pathogens.

Guest Commentary: Keep COVID-19 at bay after vaccination

The vaccination process continues in our community at the State Farm Stadium, 1 Cardinals Way, Glendale and other locations but everyone needs to keep in mind that after you get your two vaccination shots, you still need to keep COVID-19 out of your lives by doing what you have been doing to this point.
Gail Warmath

Guest Commentary: SCHOA working to protect residents

As the chairwoman of the Sun City Home Owners Association Government Affairs Committee it is my privilege to be a part of SCHOA’s advocacy efforts, particularly as they relate to utility rates.
Raoul Sada

Sada: 2021 brings opportunities for businesses

This is an open letter to all elected officials at the federal, state and local levels.

Blessing: Upside down banner signals distress

This letter is in response to a letter (“Resident upset with inverted U.S. Flag,” Sun City West Independent, Jan. 27, 2021) relating to our flag being flown upside down.

Peterson: SCW fund officials offer thanks

The Sun City West Community Fund officials want to thank the many residents of Sun City West who recently donated to the Fund and claimed their donation as an Arizona Tax Credit.

Klein: Gym closures not the best for resident

I have been using the gym and indoor pool at the Beardsley Recreation Center for the last 14 years.

Spinella: Letters spur reader to respond

Two letters were printed in the Sun City West Independent Jan. 27, 2021 I feel need some response.

Phillips: Letter writer missed point of original message

It is unfortunate that Sun City West resident Jim Somerville in his letter to the editor (“Impeachment necessary to send message,” Sun City West Independent, Jan. 27, 2021) completely missed the point of my comments pointing out the ugliness of an Impeach Trump banner hung on a home in our community.
Hugh Duncan

Guest Commentary: Residents can get property tax refund

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”

Scullin: Resident gives praise to Banner team

I wanted to give a big shout out to the Banner team administering COVID shots here in Sun City West. Fantastic!

Joynson: Library Friends appreciate all resident support

The Friends of the Library continue to be impressed by the generosity of our community.

Leopard: Resident offers other side of flag letter

In regards to the letter (“Resident upset with inverted U.S. Flag,” Sun City West Independent, Jan. 27, 2021), this was written about my neighbor.

Bagnato: Accusation about resident was wrong

In her letter (“Resident upset with inverted U.S. flag,” Sun City Independent, Jan. 27, 2021), Sun City West resident Mary Arnot comes across as if the world has ended because a neighbor decided they want to express their disgust with the current state of political affairs in this country by flying their flag upside down.

Mandel: Disagrees about impeachment sign in yard

I strongly disagree with the opinions Debby Phillips expressed in her letter to the editor (“Resident not happy with impeach banner,” Sun City West Independent, Jan. 20, 2021).

Arnot: Resident upset with inverted U.S. flag

Today, Jan. 19, 2021 on the eve of what we all hope will be a peaceful transition of power to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, I walked in my neighborhood in Sun City West.

Lee: Resident gives check to Helping Hands

Today, my husband, Gerry Connor, and I unexpectedly received a $625 direct deposit “stimulus check” from Uncle Sam (the IRS).

Phillips: Residents not happy with impeach banner

I don’t know who you are, and after seeing the vile, hateful banner you have hanging in your front yard in the northwest corner of our community, I’m quite happy I don’t.

Moran: Resident points out issue at Kuentz Center

I am writing about a safety risk at the new Kuentz pool in Sun City West.

Carter: Many still display flags for Trump

During my daily walks, I notice a few homes still have Trump/Pence lawn signs up and /or fly a Trump flag or hang one on their palm trees.

Enroth: Diverse culture brings new phrases, outlooks

This is in response to Norman Webb’s letter (“Do not force your opinions on others,” Sun City West Independent, Jan. 6, 2021).

Guest Commentary: 2020 was a different one for library

The year 2020 was a different one for R. H. Johnson Library. It started with new director in December of 2019.

Guest Commentary: Rec centers officials continue focus on safety

Recreation Centers of Sun City West officials are following the necessary COVID-19 data in its decision-making concerning closures of fitness centers, indoor pools and other indoor recreation venues.
Gary Cohen

Guest Commentary: Rec centers officials continue focus on safety

Recreation Centers of Sun City West officials are following the necessary COVID-19 data in its decision-making concerning closures of fitness centers, indoor pools and other indoor recreation venues.

Anderson: Court shortage makes it hard to play

All of the outdoor sports venues are currently open, except for the Kuentz tennis courts.

Zavadsky: Doctor does fantastic job in SCW

Below is a human interest story that focuses on the extraordinary efforts one of our excellent doctors here in Sun City West/Surprise went to give me hope for the future.

Beyer: Car driver careless with bike rider

When I was being interviewed for my current job (I’m the pastor of a Sun City West church) the call committee chairman told me, “The most dangerous place to drive is the parking lot at Bashas.”

Starkman: Holiday tree supporters get thanks

On behalf of the SunDome Merchants, the Corte Bella Vets and all our local veterans, we wish to thank everyone for their continued support and generosity for the angel tree program.
Roberta Ezratty

Another open enrollment for Medicare

Question: I know there was a cost of living expense increase but I barely got an increase in my Social Security check. What happened?
David Arend

Guest Commentary: Golfers need to know their options to improve

I am excited when golfers approach me saying, “I can’t hit my driver, it doesn’t work the way I think it should.”

Farnlacher: Resident has interest in electric cars

I read the article on electric cars (“Possible electric cars, shuttle program in SCW,” Sun City West Independent, Dec. 23, 2020) with interest.

Webb: Do not force your opinions on others

This is in response to Raymen Starkka letter (“Merry Christmas not correct phrase,” Sun City West Independent, Dec. 23, 2020).

Folland: Flights, planes have changed since purchase

With respect to Gib Foulkes’s letter (“Buyers should know what they are getting,” Sun City West Independent, Dec. 30, 2020) about Luke Air Force Base and noise, Luke was founded in 1941 during the era of propeller driven aircraft, which were relatively quiet.
Reflections in sky

Foulke: Buyers should know what they are getting

In regards to the letter from Carol McDade (“Concentrate on Sun City problems,” Sun City West Independent, Dec. 23, 2020), please print this response.

Ford: Buy extra, donate to Valley View

I met Jesse Ramirez, Valley View Community Food Bank founder and director, a year ago and am constantly amazed at how much he does with so little.

Fisher: Treat postal employees with courtesy, respect

In this season of thanksgiving and love, I’d like the residents of Sun City West to treat our postal employees in Bob’s Variety Store and the post office as you would like to be treated.

Kirkpatrick: Legion story good but it missed post

This was an outstanding article (“Legion seeking more veterans,” Sun City Independent, Dec. 16, 2020) about the new changes in American Legion membership eligibility.

REID: DASH vehicles sound like benefit to all

I am enthusiastic about the electric vehicle program that was presented to the RCSCW governing board Dec. 4.

Guest Commentary: Be cautious of holiday fraud, theft

This has not been a normal holiday season because nothing in the world is normal anymore as we try to outlive the pandemic that has taken over our world.
A group of Northwest Valley Connect volunteers.

Guest Commentary: Residents invited to join NVC team

We are a leadership team of volunteers coming together each week to build on the essence of what Northwest Valley Connect is all about.

Cowdrey: Owners should take the responsibility

I see the pet owner is back in my neighborhood who sees fit to put their dog’s poop in my garbage can.
Photo by Arianna Grainey

Independent Newsmedia continues collaborative commenting platform at yourvalley.net

The idea of maintaining civil discourse when debating public issues of the day is more than lip-service at Independent Newsmedia. At Yourvalley.net, which is powered by the work of local …

Starkka: Merry Christmas not correct phrase

Most say Merry Christmas, and they mean well.

Bass: Vaccine administration illogical

We are all excited about the COVID-19 vaccines and the daily updates on the effort to get it to us.
The R.H. Johnson Library, 13801 W. Meeker Blvd., is supported by the Friends of the R.H. Johnson Library.

Guest Commentary: Library friends need help with fundraising

When was the last time you visited our R.H. Johnson Library? Today? Yesterday? Last week? All of the above?

Guest Commentary: Spouses can collect Social Security benefits

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”

Sellers: Consider state tax credit for holiday

The political campaigns are (mostly) over, but the annual campaign to attract tax credit donations is in full swing!

Jones: Resident wants people to be on lookout

On R.H. Johnson Boulevard driving home from the store at about 4:30 p.m. with my son the other day we noticed a pickup sitting half on the sidewalk with it’s flashers blinking.

Hughes & Addis: Residents agree CC&Rs need followed

We are in total agreement with the recent letter (“SCHOA should clamp down on CC&Rs,” Sun City West Independent, Dec. 2, 2020) regarding the need to clamp down on CC&Rs to deal with excessive noise.

Koll: Drivers are getting out of control

From my observations, driver infractions are getting out of control.

Behan: Strange animal wandered in neighborhood

Can anyone identify the creature in this picture that was taken on our property adjacent to the Stardust Golf Course, 12702 W. Stardust Blvd.?
Rec Center Show Host Gary Cohen

Guest Commentary: Honoring Greatest Generation Veterans On Pearl Harbor Day Week

We are honored in Sun City West to have Veterans of many wars in our community, but this week we put a big spotlight on World War II veterans.

Peters: Pedestrians have little protection

Thank you for your article (“Street racers invade Sun City,” Sun City Independent, Nov. 25, 2020) regarding street racers.

Crowell: SCHOA should clamp down on CC&Rs

We moved to Sun City to get away from noisy cars, children running in the streets and noisy backyards.

Sun City -- The community that changed a nation

Most people know Sun City and Sun City West as great places to live. Originally catering to retirees, these days seniors still working are as much the norm as not.

Bagnato: Resident does not understand golf rules

I just don’t get it with how our golf courses are being run.

Guest Commentary: The community that changed a nation

Most people know Sun City and Sun City West as great places to live. Originally catering to retirees, these days seniors still working are as much the norm as not.
Kathy Chandler

Guest Commentary: NVC serves needs of community

Across the country and our communities, people are isolated because of social distancing, a COVID-19 health and safety practice to prevent contracting the virus.
Hugh Duncan

Guest Commentary: Multiple tax credits available to residents

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”

Wheat: Open centers, let people make choices

Let’s open the rec centers and let those that want to come do so and let others that are concerned about the virus stay away.

Bump: Time to be united in this country

We bought a house in Sun City West in 2012.

Farnard: Resident appreciates rock painting

Positive news! Thank you to the artists who painted the rocks on Sunland Drive at the intersection of Agua Fria Drive.
Jim Mathewson

Mathewson: I cheated at "Jeopardy" and it still makes me laugh

The recent passing of "Jeopardy" host Alex Trebec has sparked a flood of tributes for him and the game show itself.  Former contestants and celebrities who've competed there have shared numerous …

Ezratty: Medicare open enrollment marches on

Question: I will turn 65 in February. Because of COVID-19, I can’t seem to find anyone in person at the community centers. Any suggestions?
PORA Communications Director Cynthia Young

Guest Commentary: PORA working on ways to connect

With the pandemic upon us, information is changing rapidly. We have been working hard at PORA to get out timely and accurate updates and news.

Chamber wants politicians to focus on relief

With the election behind us, now is the time for governing, and there is no shortage of issues that demand Washington’s and our state’s attention.

Resident urges others to clean yards

I just want to ask homeowners of our retirement communities that before the weather really cools off, please use the time wisely to clean up your front yards, get rid of dead and tired decades old foliage.
Gary Cohen

Guest Commentary: We need to reunite in community

On this Veterans Day week we must not only honor all of those living in Sun City West and all across the country who served in our Armed Forces, we must also remember what they fought for and who they have fought for — the United States of America, with emphasis on United.

Gillmeister: Reader extends welcome

Id like to welcome Penny Hunger (“Reader wants to get human connections,” Sun City West Independent, Oct. 28, 2020) to Sun City West and thank her for the kind opinion she expressed.

Ezratty: Medicare questions answered for enrollment

Question: I’m getting advertisements indicating this is the time to evaluate Medicare’s Part D drug coverage. How do I do this?

Gibson: Stop throwing packages on Deer Valley

To the person who smokes “Swisher Sweets” cigars, please do not use Deer Valley Road near Deer Valley Golf Course to dispose of your empty cigar packages, which I have picked up for the past year.

Boehnlein: Groups get start from interest

This is regarding the person who thinks the clubs in Sun City West do not suit her needs.

O'Malley: Do not live in fear of COVID-19

During this COVID-19 scare, many live in fear. As a Christian, I remind people to remember that scripture says 365 times, “Do not fear.” One for each day of the year.
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