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Prichard: RCSC believes residents should pay to pay


I am dismayed that our community is so broke that in addition to raising our rec fees by a larger and larger margin each year, we are now going to be charged for paying our bills.

The plan is that everything you pay for by credit card (rec fees, golf fees, concert tickets, etc.) will require that you pay a processing fee, which is a business expense. Immediately, more than $20 will be tacked on to your rec fees. Of course, that will go up each year as our increases do.

If you want to avoid those processing fees by writing a check, forget it. A 5% surcharge will be tacked on to your bill. There’s still cash (if you have it), but no, there will be a fee for cash.

The Board is assessing this plan and will be voting on it in June. Then, everything you purchase, and no matter how you pay, there will a fee or surcharge    

This is the plan the board is assessing in order to cut expenses. I understand they will be voting to institute it in June. You will be charged extra for everything you purchase no matter how you pay.

Maybe we should go back to bartering. Can I pay in sheep?