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Lybolt: Theater was primarily goal of original plan


I have been following the non-progress of the Mountain View (Recreation Center) issue for the past two years. Many of you know I was on the Long Range Planning Committee while we researched and discussed the plan that was turned into the then-board of the Recreation Centers of Sun City, and with its approval, was started. Our recommendation was throughly researched - including two town hall meetings with members who use the facility. With the oncoming of this new era of transparency, it seems that they decided that it was not a worry having already spent $350,000 on the project and they have gone on to totally delay any results even from their Strategic Alternatives Committee.

First and foremost, it seems that pickleball is the only goal this board can see. After following the meetings for the last two years, this was no surprise to me. But, when the idea of a dome structure was presented, they really showed how little research they have done. I do not know that anyone would enjoy seeing that as they drive by Mountain View. You do realize that area is heavily traveled, do you not? It is totally out of style and proportion to the entire residential area. They are very fond of saying that these are all just projections and until an engineer can work on the feasibility, that is all it is. That sounds to me like just another lack of team research.

Also, the idea of air conditioning this dome also shows a considerable lack of research by the committees. Even with solar panels, the cost would be unreal. As for usage, with half or more of the pickleball members probably being snowbirds, the unit would probably be little used six months of the year. An empty or little used facility is totally unacceptable. It was vaguely mentioned that it might also be used by volleyball and basketball players. That plan was in the original Mountain View project! Pickleball can use portable nets and markings on floors and can be color-coded for all sports. Again, it shows a lack of research.

I am very disappointed in how little thought was given to one very important fact - the cost. They seemed to think that $27 million was awful. I am afraid your lack of research will show again and they will meet or exceed that sum with their ideas. And all because pickleball was not the primary objective of the previous plan.

The most important objective of the previous Mountain View plan was the theater. I still believe that is far more important than trying to make Sun City a “premier pickleball destination.” Sun Citians do not care one bit about being premier anything. We all just want to enjoy our retirement quietly. And that is what draws folks to this Sun City.

I know they are going to do what they feel is “best” and I sincerely hope that this does not stop the needs of other projects in Sun City for some time.