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Hendrix: Reader not looking at facts


Once again in the Feb. 7 edition, Beverley Graves proves that she is a victim of the big lie perpetuated by a traitor and his cohorts of wannabe revolutionaries.

She espouses good things while forgetting 91 felony counts and massive lawsuits. Many police officers were injured. Some died as well. Rioters urinated and defecated in the halls of Congress. Hang Mike Pence was the mantra of the thugs and wannabe revolutionaries and all Ms. Graves can say is fake news. Well, we all watched it so it wasn’t fake. Millions of dollars in lawsuits have been filed, and more to come. FOX NEWS had to pay upwards of $750,000,000 for spreading the fake news and big lie. Wake up people and Beverley Graves. You can’t continue to deny what your eyes, ears, brain, and conscience tell you. Enough of MAGA. It’s OK to be a Republican. It’s not OK to be a big lie purveyor and an election denier. Stop the support of a wannabe dictator.