Sun City PRIDES put trees in the ground

Part of Shade Canopy project


The Sun City PRIDES Nov. 27 completed their tree planting project on West Alabama Avenue between 107th and 111th avenues.

Coordinated by the Sun City PRIDES Beautification Committee Chairman Mike Will, volunteers planted 120 trees in less than three hours. Elm and red push pistache were selected because of their drought tolerance after their root system is established.

According to Maricopa County Department of Transportation officials, as the result of removing the ornamental orange trees and replacing them with drought-tolerant trees, water usage in the common areas of Sun City has been reduced by 60 percent. Plus, it saves the PRIDES and county crews a great deal of work picking and hauling away the oranges.

Looking ahead to 2020, the Sun City PRIDES are planning their 40th anniversary celebration and an Arbor Day observance. Local businesses that are interested in being a part of the anniversary celebration, donating monies or volunteering for a one-time project are encouraged to call 623-972-6558 or email

The next monthly meeting of the Sun City PRIDES is 9 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 4 in the social hall at Bell Recreation Center, 16820 N. 99th Ave.

Businesses and residents can send donations to the PRIDES at P.O. Box 1463, Sun City, AZ 85372.

For more information or to join the Sun City PRIDES to help keep Sun City beautiful, call 623-972-6558 or visit 

Editor’s Note: Mr. Huseonica is a Sun City PRIDES member and provides publicity for the organization.