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Shafer: I will not seek reelection in 2024


Serving as your councilmember these past two years has been an honor. Many of you know that “service before self” is a core value of mine and that my intentions have always been just to serve my community and not to have a career in politics. I will finish the one year remaining on my term and will not seek reelection in 2024.

While I had initially anticipated a greater emphasis on integrity in politics in general, it has become obvious that I should redirect my focus toward pursuits that align with higher principles and values.

I have made it my mission to be present, available, and responsive to the residents of the Mesquite District. I have taken a “boots on the ground” approach to serving my district and I have been a voice for the people when it comes to the services and amenities that they have waited for and are due. I have supported our first responders and veterans in ways that only a former first responder and veteran can. I have demanded fiscal responsibility and transparency from our government officials. I have championed smart development, parks, open spaces, water, safety resources for Lake Pleasant, and have made information more available to the residents in my district than ever before. I have taken my oath of office seriously and listened to the people about the issues that are important to them, taken that input to council and voted accordingly.

I believe in a democratic government where differences of opinion and healthy debate are encouraged and where elected officials recognize their obligation to represent the interests of the people they serve. I urge you in the coming months to select a candidate who will have the courage to represent you, the people of the Mesquite District, even when it’s the more difficult road.

I am deeply grateful for the overwhelming community support and positive feedback from the constituents of Peoria. I assure you that I am fully committed to serving you with unwavering dedication until the conclusion of my term in December 2024, striving to uphold the highest standards of representation.