Scottsdale, county officials warn of fake COVID-19 letter


The Scottsdale Police Department and the Maricopa County Department of Public Health are making it clear that officials will not be going door to door to check for coronavirus symptoms or to test for the virus.

Over the past several days, multiple Scottsdale residents reported receiving a letter claiming to be from MCDPH, according to Scottsdale police. The letter, dated March 30, claims officials will be going door to door to check the health and wellbeing of residents.

It goes on to state that residents who are sick will be taken to the old Tent City facility in Phoenix to quarantine for 45 days. However, officials maintain that this is not the case and the letter is fake.

There are a few things odd about the letter that should tip residents off about its authenticity. Grammar appears to be an issue (Lower Buckeye Road should be capitalized). And where the letter asks for people to visit a website, there is no full URL provided.

Residents are encouraged to contact local law enforcement if they receive anything they believe is suspicious or fraudulent.

Scottsdale police also remind people to never allow anyone into their home without verification.

Embed: scottsdale pd