Sands Chevrolet providing free vehicle sanitizing at Valley locations


To help stop the spread of COVID-19, Sands Chevrolet is stepping up in a unique way.

As a free public service available to anyone in the Greater Phoenix area, Sands employees will pick up their vehicles and take them back to the dealership where the interior will be steam sanitized with a commercial, high-pressure steamer at 212-250 degrees.

"The furtherst we’ve gone is 130 miles," said Michael Jajou, service manager at Sands Chevrolet Surprise. "We’re moreso keeping the doors open and keeping everyone working to keep food on their plate. Being an essential business for a lot of city units and border patrol… we’re going to keep our doors open as long as we can. Governor Ducey hasn’t  enforced anything on us at this time."

Sands hopes the process reduces the risk of spreading COVID-19 to one’s family and friends while at the same time loosen and remove some stains.

Mr. Jajou says 15-25 vehicles are being sanitized each day at the Surprise location off Waddell Road and Loop 303, although they are hoping to clean more vehicles in the coming days.

Not only are Sands employees sanitizing vehicles, but they're also ensuring customer waiting areas are clean. They wipe and sanitize tables and chairs at least three times a day and have stopped self-service stations for coffee and food to limit surface touching.

Mr. Jajou said the most important areas of the vehicle to clean are the dashboard area, steering wheel, the shifter and arm rests.

The dealership is doing this not only as a public service, but also to keep 22 front-line employees plus administrative staff working.

People are invited to schedule an appointment to drop their cars off and wait if they like.

In addition to the steam sanitizing, all vehicles will receive a free, multi-point inspection, before being washed, vacuumed and returned to the customer.

"We’ve gone an hour and a half away at this point. And if we need to go further, we’ll go further," Mr. Jajou said. "It is simply there for our customers. We’re doing everything in our power to show them our doors our open. Not only are they open, we’re here to accommodate you and make you feel safe."

The service is available at both the Glendale and Surprise Sands Chevrolet locations, and vehicles will be returned the same day of service.

There are no restrictions on how many vehicles per family will be sanitized, according to a release. However, all vehicles must be no larger than a stock-sized 3500 pick-up truck.

For Glendale, visit or call 623-428-1699. For Surprise, visit or call 623-239-0726.