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Reynolds: Sun City West recall nothing but ‘sour grapes’


I would like to take a moment of your time to make a few comments regarding the recall. The Anglo-Irish statesman Edmund Burke was quoted as saying, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil in the world is that good men do nothing. Some have paraphrased this to say, “bad things happen when good people do nothing.”

At the time, the eminent Mr. Burke was being challenged by a group of small-minded people over affairs of state. Crisis was averted as those “good people” came forward. I would expect no less from our community.

A less dramatic situation is being played out here in Sun City West. It has to do with the recall of highly qualified individuals serving on the Sun City West board of governors. Accusations have been thrown about as is often the case, none of which can be supported with accurate facts or figures. This has been discussed in previous articles as manipulative misinformation, not factual. One only has to unwrap one fabrication, the rest begin to show signs of unraveling.

Such is the case for those supporting a recall. A fabrication of sour grapes. I am confident when using the term “good people,” it describes Sun City West residents who come forward and denounce the recall for what it is: “sour grapes” by a few spiteful, small minded people.

In closing, it is this writer’s belief to insure good governance and quality of living in Sun City West, it is critical you vote “no” on recall. You may wish to contact the website “norecallscw.com” for further clarity on the subject. Thank you for your time.