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Dime: Democracy is at stake in the 2024 election


A 300-word letter must quickly make a point, leaving no room for elaboration or counterpoints.

The long list of political failures from Bidenomics to withholding congressionally approved support for Israel is hurtful to many and obliviously ignored by some. The legacy media, now subsidized by the federal government, isn’t objective anymore. Reports are riddles with misleading quips and video edits that have no balance or fairness. Even poll numbers get intentionally skewed by syncing specific demographics and events. 

Several prime reasons for presidential impeachment: constructing the invasion of 10 million illegal aliens (importing voters) from all over the world is being hidden from public view; driving inflation by destroying the fossil fuel industry without a viable transition plan; mouthing public support for Israel, but withholding financial support, and debt forgiveness (buying votes).

The contrast between the 2024 presidential candidates is obvious. The reasons behind these contrasts require voters to do their own due diligence. The best evidence is what you actually see and feel everyday, not twisted media reports. If your political decisions are made from the consequences of broken promises and failed policies and not rooted in the group think projections of hate and identity politics, the choice becomes self-evident.

The democracy at stake in the 2024 election is whether voters will be free to determine the outcome by a fully transparent election process decided by accurately counting verifiable legal votes. Does full-throttle ballot harvesting represent a democratic republic of the people or a hierarchy of elites with the money and foot soldiers to overpower the people’s will? People’s will or authority’s power, no matter the winner, the presidential election results will be challenged.

Rhetorical promises, political spin, media coverage, don’t make leaders; experiencing the impacts from the actual results they deliver determines their legacy. 

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