Preschool set to open in Buckeye in August


BUCKEYE -- The first Young Hearts Preschool will open its doors for children ages 3-5 Aug. 15 on the brand new Campus of Great Hearts Roosevelt Academy in Buckeye, and applications are being accepted now, according to a news release.

Young Hearts is a private offshoot of the highly regarded network of Great Hearts Academies K-12 public charter schools and shares its mission to “cultivate the hearts and minds of students to pursue the true, the good, and the beautiful.”

“Children are eager to learn, and what and how and by whom they are being taught at the earliest stages of their moral and intellectual formation is one of the most important decisions any parent can make,” said Jay Heiler, CEO of Great Hearts Academies. “The lessons of why we must seek truth and goodness and beauty can be just as present in preschool as it is in any other grades, and that’s why we decided to make preschool part of what our larger organization offers families.”

Young Hearts Preschool will offer low student to teacher ratios, a strong curriculum, frequent student competency assessments, and the opportunity for children to flourish intellectually and morally as they begin their educational journey. 

Young Hearts students will be among the first scholars to attend the school, which will be distinctly recognizable with its classical architecture.  And, since Great Hearts Roosevelt ultimately will have grades K-12, Young Hearts students starting this fall could enjoy the comfort and stability of attending one school through high school graduation before heading off to college or a career.

In the meantime, it can mean a single drop-off point for families who have children in preschool and elementary school.

This will eventually include high school. Roosevelt will add a grade per year until it includes all 12 grade levels.

It should be noted that compliance with state law on charter schools prohibits automatic re-enrollment for K-12 public charter school students.

Tuition for Young Hearts is $245 per week. Great Hearts K-12 schools are public charter schools and are tuition-free.

The preschool’s hours are Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Great Hearts is a nonprofit network of tuition-free public charter schools dedicated to improving education nationwide through classical preparatory K-12 academies.

Its liberal arts classical education campuses in serve more than 22,000 students at 37 tuition-free public charter schools in greater Phoenix, and Texas, with waitlists that typically exceed enrollment.

For more information, call or text Young Hearts Director Taeler Scott at 623.300.8206, email her at, or visit the website