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Pember: There is no definitive test for transgender


There is no definitive test for transgender; no blood test, no DNA test, no MRI, no ultrasound.

The only way we know that a person is transgender is that that person personally identifies as transgender.

Why is this a problem?? How does it present a serious security threat to anyone??

People who want to do harm to girls and women now have a huge advantage. A boy or man simply identifies as transgender. (Transgender issues under the spotlight at Peoria Unified, Peoria Independent)

This gives the "transgender" person an opportunity to disguise his intent. Allowing biological men who "identify" as "transgender" to use girl's restrooms and showers gives "predator" males greater access to their potential victim.

When any one group has rights that override the rights of another group, they are wrong. Biological males who identify as transgender do not have a right to neutralize women's rights. When biological men who identify as transgender are given the right to use girl's restrooms and showers, they have effectively eliminated women's right to safety and privacy.

So what is the solution for biological males who identify as transgender? This is a small percentage of the overall population, so these individuals can use the nurse's restroom or teacher's restrooms until separate transgender facilities can be installed.