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Parker: Can't Paradise Valley residents get along?

In response to Phyliss Patterson


I have been involved in national and local politics for over three decades.

I discovered a long time ago that politics is a nasty game, not for the faint of heart. I also know first hand what it is like to be the target of untrue allegations. Which, brings me to the allegations raised in the “Guest Commentary” penned by “Phyliss Patterson.”

In Ms. Patterson’s commentary “she” states that Ms. Andeen’s physical address does not qualify her to serve on the council, I believe it is the exact address that she had when she was first elected to the council. Nothing has changed, so why is her address now an issue.

She is a resident of the Town of Paradise Valley. As a matter of fact, she is a lifelong resident. Because her fiancée does not live in the town, should have little to no relevance. He is not running for council, she is.

Furthermore, to belittle the service of her father, who served on the Town Council is just wrong. The attack on Ms. Andeen’s education is equally disappointing. Most people do not hold Masters degrees. Ms. Andeen deserves better.

Finally, to characterize Christine Labelle’s campaign as someone “running for Junior High spirit squad” was totally uncalled for and divisive.

One of things I know about the Town of Paradise Valley, is that the residents do not like ugly and negative campaigning. People forget that service on the Town Council is voluntary. Council members serve their community out of the goodness of their hearts, without receiving one red cent.

I am not opposed candidates distinguishing themselves from other candidates based on their voting records or their experience. I sincerely hope that the remainder of the Town election cycle can be civil and informative to the residents.

I am no longer a town resident, but care deeply for the future of the town. To Ms. Phyliss Patterson and others who would divide… Can we all just get along!