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Linton: Questions casino on west side


I found your article from a recent issue of the Daily Independent both interesting and distressing.

I realize people in Surprise (and the West Valley) are begging for more entertainment avenues as our city and area expands. But a casino? That distresses me greatly ... for oh, so many reasons.

But the idea of Morton’s coming to town is a great one! Having it in the casino is both exciting (I guess) and a very manipulative move on the part of the owners and developers.

When Prasada opened up (and continues to build out), most residents were doing their happy dance — finally! Myself included.

But with all the cool restaurants and retail, it is bringing tons of traffic. Can’t be helped, I know. But speaking as a native Californian, if Surprise and the West Valley aren’t careful (and more strategic), we will become another California with hoards of crowds and congestion which will cripple our infrastructure and water usage. No worries, I guess.

The city will just get rid of more and more land and build, build, build! Prices will never be as high as California, but gobbling up the land and throwing more casinos into the spaces, we better watchout for the fallout.

Kathy Linton