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Kepler: Government, others should stay out of women’s decisions


In response to a letter from Carolyn Copeland, I am sorry that you and your husband were not blessed with a child. There are millions of children and have been for generations, all over this world that have been hoping for a loving family.

Roe v. Wade is about Women’s Health and Women’s rights. It has nothing to do with limiting how many babies are available for adoption.

Saying that some women kept their babies just to collect welfare says a lot about you. Maybe they didn’t believe in abortion either.
Why a woman choices to have a child or not is her decision, not yours and not the government’s. We as a society need to take better care of Gods little Gifts that live among us every single day.

Arizona ranks fourth worst in the nation for prenatal care and 45th in education. Let’s start there. Let’s give those children the ability to become the person who discovers the cure for cancel or other crippling diseases.

I commend you for your beliefs but please respect the beliefs of all women. Think about this: what if we flip the script and the government only allowed two children per family. Would you be outraged then? I hope so.

No government, nor you, has the right to control a women’s body. My body, my choice, not yours.

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