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Moires: Moves only benefit minority of Sun City residents


I agree with Aaron Lane’s view that activities like golfing should be self-sufficient (Nov. 8, 2023 Sun City Independent). I believe that this should apply to pickleball and other such activities.

Many of us living in Sun City have no interest in playing golf or pickleball or using the lake. I only moved here to be in a child-free environment. There are residents who are too elderly, disabled, or have limited mobility, which precludes them from using any of the facilities. Why should they pay more for people to play golf, pickleball, etc.?

Sun City residents who enjoy golf, pickleball, paddle boating, and other such activities should pay fees that will, largely, support those activities. In such financially inflated times, it seems unreasonable to talk of increasing the assessment so that a segment of the population can have “fun.” Inflation has given many of us a painful kick in the pants. We need to hold onto every cent we can to keep a roof over our heads and pay our bills.

I purchased here in 2020. I paid the $496 assessment like everyone else, but the RCSC didn’t even try to make the indoor facilities available because of the pandemic. The Bell Center fitness area is large enough so that the RCSC could have set up an appointment system that would have allowed at least eight to 10 people per hour to exercise, wearing masks, while maintaining 6 feet of distance from each other. Instead, they denied us access to what we had already paid for. If I am not mistaken, golfers were still able to play golf. I’m sure people are thinking, “It was safe to play golf because it was outdoors.” In fact, COVID could still have been transmitted if someone on the golf course was infected and coughing without covering their mouth and nose.

Now, the RCSC wants to charge all of us more, in part, to maintain facilities that are only used by some of us.

Before anyone feels the need to say something rude like, “If you don’t want to pay the assessment, you should move,” let me preempt that rudeness by saying I have wanted to move since 2020.

The RCSC inertia, in terms of accommodating everyone who paid the assessment, made me feel ripped off and sullied my view of paying to live in Sun City. I have been marooned here by ridiculous home prices and mortgage rates. I hope that 2024 will bring a significant correction to this housing mess. I will gladly move somewhere where I am not made to pay ever-increasing fees for things I don’t use or value.