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McDonald: Fee increases will hit seniors hard


This letter is to address the article in the Independent about approving another increase in the Sun City recreation fees.

As a member in good standing, I highly object. In fact, I propose that there be a freeze or cap put on those fees before you make it impossible for people to continue living and enjoying the amenities here. There are already people on such low incomes that they have to choose between food and medications.

I do not know who gives you the power for this increase, or how many property owners may have approved, but as far as I’m concerned, there should be approval of 100% of the “we the people” affected by such an increase.

In addition, consider the following facts:

• You’re imposing a mandatory fee on a captive population that are mostly if not all on fixed incomes. Fixed means that we don’t get increases to pay for these increases.

• The increase you are proposing is $50. That might seem like chump change to those who may still be working or are well set with other assets, however, please take the majority of the population into consideration. My Social Security has not increased $50 in 10 years.

Del Webb intended for these fees to maintain rec centers. I believe that would suggest necessities. So if the board and others want above and beyond, my suggestion would be find other ways to raise funds besides running us out of house and home with mandatory fees.